Sheet metal shear operation 101

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Basic shearing on the foot-operated shear…


Cantor Anónimo says:

Been waiting😉 to get one for awhile MyBest.Tools Love it and easy to use. Braced pieces and ran thru on edges. Solid😄😄product. Still using my hand💯 planer.

Lofts Sympatico says:

Fascinating, (especially to the boy in blue, at 0:49 (if it's his son, well then we understand- "Dad is SO boring." LOL.
But really this is a well narrated and informative video. Thank you, a lot!

Jamie Buchanan says:

I am an hvac installer so I use this daily MyBest.Tools I use it primarily for cutting the return opening in the side of a furnace, it would be better suited for thicker metal (18 ga) but it still works very well

Karel Drlík says:

Ukazovat učňům jak ustříhnout několik kusů tenkého plechu , hrůza . To spouštění stroje by mělo jít do muzea a celý stroj s ním.Vůbec tam není zadní doraz,zbytky plechu nosí učitel přes celou dílnu!Chtěl bych ho vidět jak stříhá 1000 kusů rozměru 1x100x1000 z formátu 1x1000x2000. Vzadu za strojem se musí nastříhané kusy samy rovnat a vůbec nepřipadá v úvahu aby tam někdo stál.

Mike Eagle says:

Dude you’re supposed to mark the ends of the sheet never in the middle of the panel.

Mike Eagle says:

The” straight edge” thing is called the fence

Channel says:

Wow, talk enough,!

Alex The Large says:

3 sixteenths is 7 ga.

Nicolas Cruz says:

boy in blue shirt:…"whateveeeeeeer"….lol

IVIr Flawless says:

Such a teacher sense of humour.

Briar Stern says:

3/16 is more like 7 gauge

YoungFlaco says:

Ohh what a hard job, im sure you need an engineering degree for this.

Plevne A. says:

1:22 what is this tools name? Where can I get this?

joshua lightfoot says:

I work at a sheet metal place and I was roll forming some 2*4 and I cut my thumb to the bone completely cut the tendon and cut a nerve pretty bad wear gloves

Danny J. Yaldoo says:

How or from where I can get Gauge indicator?
Thank you,

crazedevil1 says:

That's a baby shear try using an auto shear


no safety ppe for kids

Martin Rodriguez says:

the kid in blue is so bored..😴😴😴

Brian E says:

Get those kids safety glasses!

Roberto López Yañez says:

Dear I need width 90cm thicknes about 1.5mm for Cutting Aluminum, Could you give me the FOB Price Regards

Éder S. says:

it class is great ! Great teacher, great classmater !

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