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Just an oldschool method


Jeff Smith says:

Well done. Working my way through all of the videos. So many useful tip.


Perfect explanation and demonstration! Thank you very much!

Mohd Nizam says:

HI ..what type off band mechines that used..?

Chris and Max says:

Great video and nice to see younger person that can layout by hand.i have been doing sheet metal for over thirty years now.this is one way to do me it’s just as easy using your square and points,little more precise on the round.every one is going to plasma tables and what we do is a dying art.

Yasar Türkan says:

Mensch…… Todo.
Die Methode ist sehr alt und nicht präzise…….!

Klappt auch nur bei kleinen teilen. Wenn die Objekte ,Maße Größe werden Klappt es nicht. Zu ungenau.
Besser ist es Abwicklen oder ausrechnen. Es gibt inzwischen viele Apps 🤪👍 sogar kostenlos 🙃

Антон Лейтар says:

Но и так супер Я работаю смысл улавлеваю

Антон Лейтар says:

Супер молодец но ещё бы для русско говорящих был бы перевод ты бы был моим кумиром

Alex Carreon says:

Yessir that's how we do.

rhic'z gar TV says:

Nice bro,good job!,same my vlog about ducting

Bernardo Pascua says:

Nice lay out sir

Patrick Perry says:

I’ve watched several of these square to round sheet metal videos. All of you guys are impressive. Good show.

Raju Ahmed says:

thank you so much sir

Erdoglija Records says:

Toki, razbijaš!

dspeurope says:

Nice video brother I really enjoyed it.
Keep it up
Love from India

Hamid Settih says:

Respect 👏👏

Giuseppe Peluso says:

Wow thank you so much for your advice and good job

RAJ says:

Raund,and eshqwer anshentric

Икар says:

Danke das hilft mir sehr in der Ausbildung!
Wünscht mir Glück am Dienstag meine Zwischenprüfung hehe

John Gordon says:

Great videos. Thanks for sharing. Much appreciated.

Thornwarbler's workshop says:

superb mate…….cheers

Lance tamayo says:


Александр Гуринович says:

Класс!!. Очень оригинальный способ построения !!))) С большим удовольствием смотрю как работают коллеги. Удачи и здоровья))).

Carlos Dyer says:

Awesome video

Soe Naing says:


Guy Bean says:

You made it so much easier to understand. This video was definitely okay for me!

Martin Valdez says:

Really easy, you eliminate lots of step.
Thanks for share 👍👏

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