Sheet Metal Storage Rack Review – Does it work and Should you buy one?

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In this gear review we look at how a sheet metal storage rack helped us organize our shop saving us time and space. We’ll take a look at a before and after shot of our shop so you can see for yourself the amazing transformation it made in our work space.


Samindi Mendis says:

What if there's a rack that is half full of sheets, or even less than that, and then you get a new delivery of sheets and you'd like to put these sheets into this half-filled rack… how do you or would you go about it in such a way when using a forklift that you avoid damaging the sheets?

Sherard Ross says:

What is the price range? 60"X120"
Is this system any good for 6mm / 1/4" plates?

Phill Huddleston says:

You still have to move it off the shipping pallets onto the rack instead of leaving it on the pallets and storing it that way, you are saving space but adding labor, this is still a positive overall if that space is worth the added labor cost but that added labor should have been mentioned, it is a trade off.

Kenton says:

What if you're doing 0.250 plate? How do you even get on and off the "cartage"?

Joe Campos says:

How do you handle your drop?

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