Sheet metal tool belt set up (Occidental Leather)

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polomontana1 says:

Just purchased my 1st set of bags went with Occidental’s also. Thanks for the video

Jose Santos says:


Ray Rodriguez says:

Great review 👍🏽

Damian Duarte says:

Damn bro that looks heavy though

Tyler Grundy says:

What local you a member of?

Tyler Grundy says:

What local you a member of?

Jesus Gallegos Jr. says:

The pookie buster bits… where did you get them or are they standard bits you cut groves on them?? Ty 🙏🏽

Daniel. B. says:

Great set up I been looking at some occidental belts. Saving me penny's to get some lol. But on your tinner hammer I have one made by Intertool fiberglass handle for around $20. Get vid 👍

Pat McDonald says:

whats the pokeybuster for?

Paul Garcia says:

Clean set up. Also do Hvac, and have a similar setup. Can you do a video of your journeyman tote setup. That also looked clean.

ty fawver says:

Never seen a red makita before

Cartel Ray says:

Akribis leather is the go

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