Sheet Metal tools

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Exploring the Inventor tools for developing Sheet Metal parts

Model geometry courtesy of Sybex a division of J. S. Wiley.


Per Steffensen says:

Is it supposed to be silent?

Kim Projects says:

Very Clear!

John Zimmer says:

As someone who creates flat patters manually with autocad in 2D. Im noticing that the information entered into inventor is not really possible in the real world. For example the bend radius can't just be 2 or 3 times the metal thickness because you won't have a top die for the break press for all of those various radius bends. A .0625 bend radius is realistic for most sheetmetal bends until you get to .25" thick or so. Aluminum you might use an .125" radius on the top die.

Michael Rust says:

You are a life saver! im doing finals class that requires a ton of sheet metal work but never had any classes diving nto much sheetmetal practice! so you are teaching me the basics and helping me learn this stuff on my own! great work and very easy to understand! awsome

Thom Tremblay says:

You're very welcome

Thom Tremblay says:

Thank you for you kind words

Thom Tremblay says:

I agree, Inventor is amazing

Thom Tremblay says:

You're very welcome.

erfut says:

Thank Mate, that was great

Adam Alexander says:

finally someone that covers everything you need to know perfectly, great job!

Chiara Casiraghi says:

Great, thank you!

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