Sheet metal working machines.wmv

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Fabrication Tips says:

Stair ralling best design

Oscar Castillo says:

no tiene sentido.. ya conozco esas maquinas

Supriya Pal says:

Machine name ??

Yasser. ياسر elsewesy .السويسى says:

Good machine

Mohd Anees says:

Please give me your Mobile Nombar
Please coll me

TR catering counter says:

सर यह मशीनें कहां मिलेगी

keith hill says:

where can i get the drill fitted bead roller/ jennie

Avaya Majhi says:

Kitna rate he aska

Avaya Majhi says:

Hamko xahiye….

Avaya Majhi says:

Sir he machine nepal vej salted he kya…..

Lucky Singh says:

Send your machine price

Sukhdev Ram says:

I am buy this machine price please

لارين زهرة البرتقال says: How much is each machine in dollars … ..

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