Shopping For A NEW SET OF APPRENTICE TOOLS!!! (Part 1 of 2)

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In support of hitting 200,000 subscribers on YouTube, I wanted to give back to a cause. In this episode, I go shopping for a set of tools to donate. THIS IS PART ONE, BE SURE TO CHECK OUT PART TWO AS WELL here:

Thank you all for your constant support through the years. It really means a lot that y’all email, message, dm, comment, and follow me everywhere that I’m at. I have the best group of followers out of any audience I’ve ever seen. I love you crazy people…I mean it.

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PickleRick7571 says:

I bought so many tools I get the job as soon as they hand me a tool check list lol

Callme Woody says:

I wouldn’t have turned the camera off. I’m sorry but if you work at Home Depot, a public company big box retail store, a building with cameras every 10SF, shut your cake hole and do your job. Don’t demand your customer who is spending money to turn the camera off. Your customer also happens to be a contractor and content creator, do you think this customer will be back to your store for repeat business? Absolutely

Tivon Oston says:

Thank you for this! Doing trade school & I want my own tools that aren’t the exact same as the cheap-o sets from the school

Travis 808 says:

The link's not there at the end 😆

David Adam says:

Great video idea

Rene Salinas says:

For an aprintest I like Tools that can serve multiple purpose. The aprentis don't have a van to leav the stuff.

Rene Salinas says:

I defenetly go for Knipex and Wera. If you buy cheap, you buy twice.

SickLadAUS says:

Imagine needing wire strippers

jrcris tv says:

can teach me?

nick salazar says:

Ridgid is the crappiest brand out there, wont last long

I will bnned after I speak Why says:

I don’t hire American electricians ever

Quiet Wyatt says:

I've been an apprentice for a few months now, and my tool set essentially matches this one! Glad to know I've got good taste haha

Kaplan Design Audio & Video Solutions says:

Who yelled at you at Home Depot a cashier or somebody in management at the store? You’re actually doing them a huge favor there like the dog biting the hand that feed them how unacceptable is that! Any everybody should buy from Lowe’s if Home Depot is gonna act that way! And Lowes has also great power tools Bosch and Kobalt etc. batteries are 24V a step in between 18 and 36 and they have great tools!

DFranses says:

Drivers ain't insulated.

jarrhead JA says:

Fluke meters and Knipex pliers are better

Jesus Moysen says:

Klein tools must have sponsored this video.

Shawn Isberg says:

I baught stuff like master craft screw driver set and and bunch of the smaller tools kinda cheaper not klien and as they blew up or broke and I got payed more and progressed I baught good quality because as an apprentice you blow your shit up😂

LittyCommittee says:

Hey Guys, I’m Chad
Im an addict -drug of choice is buying tools/being one/hookin for Milwaukee batteries

Steve Wright says:

That’s surprising that the employee said you couldn’t record them. Home Depot is
like one of the most conservative companies out there. A matter of fact they were one of the first companies that let customers and employees choose after the pandemic if they wanted to wear 😷 mask. I’m sure that employee was acting on his own merit not that of
Home Depot.

Salam Ejam says:


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