Should You Buy a CNC? | A Woodworker's Guide

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Should You Buy a CNC? In this episode I go over my experience, as a woodworker / furniture maker and how I use a CNC. I will cover my history, how my opinions have changed, the main things I utilize my CNC for, the basic skills needed to use one, and ultimately if I think a CNC is worth buying.


▸ The CNC I Use

▸ My Measuring Tools | Woodpeckers (All The Red Stuff)

▸ Ultimate Flush Trim Bit –
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▸ CNC Side Table –
▸ CNC Modular Puzzle Planters –
▸ Silver Fox Coffee Table –
▸ Epoxy Locking Joint Table –
▸ Bentwood Shoe Shelf –
▸ Dispenser Boxes –
▸ Wireless Charging Night Stand –


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itp5x5 says:

"CNSee ya later" … instant regret. Lol.

gail smith says:

Great cordless tool. Powerful enough for what I was doing MyBest.Tools Bought to make it easier to cut out windows after plywooding exterior. Takes a little getting use to but overall great tool.

Jo3l Silvaraci Designer says:

CNC U later Chris 🙂

Brian S says:

Thank you young man for an honest review..

Matt West says:

Thanks very helpful, honest black and white suggestions love the channel peace from the uk

Ruddy Mcfudgkins says:

Good video, just making one of these with the same MRMDF. could you tell me which varnish you find suitable for the top please?

Daniel Cranston says:

The end made me Lol 😂

Shiva Gopal Rao Parvatini says:

From this video what I learnt most is the part that ends the video :). Joyful humor. I followed you both since each of you had your own channels, but I like it better this way. Good team.

Comgrow Official says:

Very well said, bro!! Awesome!!!

lu jojo says:

Yes, very helpful dear. Thanks for sharing with us.

Robert says:

Your shoe push stick was a great example of how you now regularly integrate the traditional with CNC for detail work. 👍

Nicholas Jacober says:

Great video. Thank you. Would you comment on bed size. What size is your machine. Do you often wish for more?

Barbara Lee says:

The jumpy ness of this video gave me a headache 😫

Tony Cronin says:

Thanks v much – well narrated, plenty of info and a great overview with some excellent footage to show us what you were explaining. Good work.

Mark Littlejohn says:

Thankyou for the video and the tips

Joe Martinez says:

Chris, this was very informative. I have been kicking the CNC decision down the road for years. I am still not ready (translation: I have no room in the garage). Anyway, I really, really like the comedic ending, it was really well done.

Emil Tisell says:

When using sketch up and CNC for assemblies – how do you manage to incorporate a bit of wiggle room e.g. for joints? Is there a functionality or are you adding like a 1/128 inch manually?

michael Ryan says:

Very informational!…More education!…Just finished my Fusion 360 class…looking for a machine. I am looking for a machine for headstock and neck MoP inlay, so my scale is very small. I am looking @ 3018 as a first machine..any recommendations?????

drdrew101 says:

Nice video man! Thanks for that – was quite helpful! Basically aligned for me a bunch of thoughts that have been swirling about in my head. Cool!

Alexey Agapov says:

You guys are the best! Don’t do it 🙂

Ryley Hughes says:

Awesome video! Subscribed

Nate D says:

I miss Greg!

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