Should YOU Choose HVAC As A Career?? My Honest Opinion…

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I get asked all the time, should I start a HVAC career?? In this video I talk about it. For me there are three main reasons why I think you should start a career in the HVAC trade. Hope you enjoy the video, LET’S DO SOME WORK!!

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crappyeditor says:

What stopped me from being an hvac tech was the weather aspect. I was always told I'm going to be on the roof when its the coldest or the hottest. Because that's when things break. I'm a journeyman electrician now and I've spent my fair share of work in -30C and 30C… Love these videos always makes me want to apprentice in hvac.

smacleod69 says:

NO! Don't do it!

Samuel Kwofie says:

Hey . Can I learn HVAC after studying computer science degree? I dont want to go to an engineering degree I just wanna work

Curtis Roberts says:

Please do a giveaway for a veto tool bag!

Roused says:

Low Voltage can be the toughest call. Most techs would have just left charging a service call.

EagleMek Durham N.C says:

Why did you get a diesel truck.

Brandon Neal says:

Do you have an email or business phone? I’d like to ask some questions

ADHD says:

Trades are the best since your qualified for life

ASMR Jayo says:

This guy is such a beast at the trade. One of the reasons why I want to join it

Tuffram says:

Dang taj mahal and someone installed a pos Goodman in there SMH!!!

Jason Johnson says:

Im 23 years into the trade. I do not regret it at all. Have i had crappy days and second guess myself on my decision…..sure, but still to this day i don't want to do anything else for a living. I'm a commercial/ industrial service tech working on much more complicated equipment that presents more difficult challenges and thats what drives me. The challenge of the call and getting the equipment back up and running correctly. I was in residential for most of my career and I'd found that the trade was loosing its luster and i didn't feel challenged much at all. So i made the switch and it brought the love and desire back to my day to day life. Plus i didn't want to be a part of resi sales tactics garbage that exists for most residential companies. Im a mechanic….not a salesman. That is just my perception and mine alone.

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