Skills and Knowledge To Start an HVAC Career

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What Skills and Knowledge do you need to start an HVAC Career? AC Service Tech and HVAC school collaborate to give new HVAC applicants some top tips for starting out a fulfilling career in HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning).

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Mr Green says:

One thing a lead man once told me was. even if you don't know what your doing you will always have a job if you just show up on time and are willing to work

David Fritzel says:

A major problem in the HVAC industry, isn't hiring the wrong people…'s keeping the wrong people. If someone shows up on day one with zero abilities, knowledge, training, and a bad attitude, they aren't going to change. It's only going to drag your company down and give you a bad name. For example…. the White House.

Giancarlo Vitali says:


Andrew Schreefer says:

most important thing first off in any field is be punctual and reliable. nothing annoys owners more than not being able to rely on somebody. just show up for work, everyone else employed there likely does.

2nd, dont be cocky or think you know everything or how to do it. listen to the mechanic when he shows you something or observes you struggling and gives you advice on how to fix it. if you are ever unsure on something, or you just want to double check, always ask questions. obviously with wiring, an error with that can result in damaged equipment and a costly repair. it can also be something as simple as confirming with the mechanic how he wants something to be done. for instance the flue, gaspipe, drain or lineset may have to be ran a certain way for clearance, other trades needing to run their stuff in a certain way etc.

last thing and most important is just give 100%. some guys may be able to do something neater or faster based on their experience but always give your best effort. the person signing your checks is not going to be happy with you milking a job, avoiding shitty attics/crawlspaces or showing up to a job with multiple employees on it and letting them do all the work whilee you relax

Mr cool Lu says:

This is one of best YouTube information you can get thanks 😊 so much very informative

High Resolution Revolution says:

getting ready to go into an interview for my second company since getting out of trade school. Want to thank y'all for some knowledge and the encouragement from the perspective of the skilled employer. @20:30 straight facts and thank you for even speaking to that. Much love fellas. Can you make a video of how to install an indoor unit?

Troy Hyland says:

Awesome video!


Nice presentation guys.

Mbah carrier says:

Motion and motion is one of the solutions from the results of thinking

Killerrob1998 says:

About to start school next month

Rocker says:

I do wish they would add,commercial hot side food equipment training to hvac/r schools.I find that interesting and they didnt teach that at any schools I know of.Thanks excellent video,I appreciate all you guys do for the hvac/r community.Peace and hairgrease

Amit Sharma says:

This is a great video.. helpful insights and really telling what's practically required in the industry.. Hii, I'm from India.. can a six months certification in HVAC-R can help me getting job in this industry? May be in Canada? I'm new to this with no prior experience

Doja0ut619 lopez says:

No one is born learning how to do a certain trade. The ogs have forgotten how they learned under a simple economy

Ian Beck says:

Thanks for this video 👍

Luke Fischer says:

This was a great video

John D says:

One thing I learned very early on is do not overstate your skills. If you don't have skills or don't know how to do things, speak truthfully. A lot of businesses will be fine teaching a newbie how they want things done. If you tell your new boss you're skilled with tools and then can't display those skills, it reflects very poorly on you. If you run into a situation where you're taken on as a newbie and they refuse to teach you, whether having a shitty journeyman or shady practices of using you for cheap labor, you'll have to make a personal choice whether to stay on or find something better.

C H says:

who else thought he was sitting in the back of the truck?

Dion Curtis Curtis says:

im currently in class and they dont provide a sheet metal cutting

Befekadu Nigusie says:

How can I buy the book that have everything instead of buying a bit by bit?

BillyN44 says:

Some of the things I wish I had focused on when I was a noob are schematic reading and multi meter skills.

Godfrey Ssemagobwe says:

I really appreciate Mr Graig and Brian the kind of work you doing its really good for me ,it has helped me to acquire more skills and knowledge in the HVAC Godfrey Ssemagobwe from Uganda

Spencer Bixby says:

Thank you guys so much for putting your time into these videos! I have 10 years in the trades, and I’m a journeyman in my craft. I’m switching over to HVAC-R and fitting, and it’s important for me to know what is expected in your craft. I’d rather show up as a new guy who is able to quietly exceed expectations, than just be “along for the ride.”

ET Lawson says:

I've learn a lot from Craig last year when I was away from the field working for my uncle Sam.

jesus maciel says:

I start monday hopefully i do good


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