So I Bought A Cold Welder

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I couldn’t resist! Once the so-called “cold welding” videos went up, and everyone started messaging us about it, I had to go buy one to figure out what the real deal is behind cold welding. Is it real or is it just someone clicking a switch for an inch? Let’s find out! #ColdWelding #ColdTIG #ColdWeld

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The Fabrication Series says:

What's with the nails? Really… WTF is with the nails? I can't watch this because of your nails!!

The fact is – you saw the nails which means you'll recognize those nails when someone tries to steal this video to promote their product (watch the vid if you don't understand).

Yes. I also have a daughter. If she wants to do my nails or put makeup on my face (which she has in the past), I'll totally sit still and become beautiful. She actually would have done better on my nails than I did for this vid.

If a black marker on someone's nails ruined your day – you have some serious issues 🤣. I appreciate the views either way.

marcelo maripangue says:

Buen producto donde se consigue en chile ??? saludos

John Balazek says:

I wish I had one of those when I was doing nukes. I had to Butt weld 18ga with no contamination on the back. Of course then anyone could have done it. 16amps as fast as I could go!!!

Draco Season says:

i came here looking for actual cold welding like what happens in space

M A#np says:

is this kind of welder that could, for example, for small project, be used on a kitchen table? or perpaps a porch of an apartment or in a bathroom?

Dumitrascu Claudiu says:

The Aluminium foil make me…

Marty Acker says:

There is a very good reason that China has a reputation around the world for making disposable, cheap s**t. If you want real trade secrets speak to real tradesman. If you want to embarrass yourself, learn from backyarders on youtube who will teach you how to be an expert……at displaying you have no real knowledge of what you are doing 🤷‍♂️

Cov Fe' Fe' With Dave says:

WTF is with the black Sharpie on the fingernails???

Pixel017 says:

I was Mig welding some roller carts for a local high school wrestling team and wondered why my hands felt hotter than usual. I realized I wasn't wearing my gloves, but it was only for about 10 seconds before I put them back on. I was constantly taking my gloves on and off in order to fit things easier and just forgot to put them back on one of the times.


You made a very important video and saved me money. Thank you. If you had said buy such a machine I possibly would have done so.
I've become frustrated with traders of the international community. It appears many cannot tell the full truth about a product, or maybe they don't know or tested a product as we would like.
I have learned that the moment a trader says no need to worry about A B C the product is very very good I tend to suspect deception. Stay clear. Still the truth remains; Buyer beware. The money is very, very good. True – though the product is near useless Delboy.

Ricardo Pesenti says:

TL:DR Chinese cold welding isn't cold welding (scientific cold welding. It is welding industry cold welding) and is completely useless and the welds won't hold xD

Oliver o niell says:

I want my money back. I see no cold in this video.

firefox5926 says:

3:36 has tig pinted on it .. thats the best clue

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