So you want to be a HVAC technician? | 10 things you should know before you decide 🔥❄️

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A video for all the future HVAC technicians. In this video I go over 10 things, from my personal experience, that I think you guys should know before becoming an #HVACtechnician. If you enjoy this video, don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe. Thanks for tuning in to another Yung HVAC video. #HVACjob #HVAC

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Winston Estrada says:

My young brother works for a hvac company, he had no experience but he was trained and he's well respected and has less then 2yrs. He's been getting job Offers but turns them down. In so proud of him. also great video and good luck to those chasing their dreams.

Shawn Mendrek says:

So basically have a side hustle in the winter time, while preparing for the slow season. Gotcha. Was not aware of selling products, so I would have to be in people's faces, not my go to but I learned a lot and you saved me some time. I appreciate the advice.

Maybe in the future I could learn to be better with customers, but for now, I am not choosing that route while I have the choice to invest into a career.

Adams Garage, how to and more says:

Nice, thank for the information. I am retired from a previous career and at 60 I was looking for something different and what I always wanted to learn, HVAC. I jut started the ride and I love it.

TropicalSnipes says:

17 now and applying to college for 2 year HVAC course with a Coop to get the real experience. Would be starting in few months

captaincat40 says:

30+ years for me in the HVAC industry now. Hated residential. Commercial is my preferred. At this point I have my eye on retirement. Good luck to young cats just starting out


How much do u have to pay to learn hvac tech? I stay in Memphis

Taj says:

Is it very physically demanding? Asking for the women lol

Amit Sharma says:

I really liked your video.. you gave some honest insights and not discouraging.. thanks for making this video

Your Final Hiring Agency says:

Brother, if you’re in Vegas still, add me on linked in. I am moving my company there soon and will be… well. Just add me bud.

Micah Viscuso says:

Do you have to go to school

Jalen Nowells says:

how do i go into an apprentice progam for hvac

C W says:

My school starts June I have a friend that has their redseal and he loved the work. I am excited for this experience I'm in it for the knowledge the money is a bonus it's a good way to help people

Mike and Cori Hernandez says:

I'm glad you use the word hungry to describe yourself because that's what it takes to really improve. hunger

Buster Grimes says:

It's good to see that – instead of complaining about a "white racist man holding you back" – you understand that one only needs to apply themselves, just like everyone does. I'm happy for you. I'm on the verge of becoming an HVAC student, myself.

Sherb King says:

Thanks for your take. I'm thinking about getting into HVAC because I have family who's also into home improvement.

G A says:

Thank you for being here. I start Monday at tech school and alot of emotions flowing . Im 40 but needed a change in life . I am excited about the future

Alejandro Vargas says:

I just don’t know how start

Alejandro Vargas says:

How do I start school and get my license is there wedsite?

Akame Ga kill says:

I am 20 and I start in one month I am afraid.

ryan bell says:

I’d be happy making 25 an hour compared to minimum wage

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