Sounds Like it’s Running, But The Fan Isn’t Moving.

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In this video I visit a couple who had no air conditioning at all. #acrepair #hvac #hvacguy #hvaclife #hvactechnician #hvacinstall #hvactech #airconditioner #acrepair #straightcool @Klein Tools @Veto ProPac @Fieldpiece Products @Milwaukee Tool

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Here are links to the tools I use, And it costs you nothing extra to buy from this list:

DeWalt work table:
Inficon D-tek Stratus:
3 Amp Lil’ Popper:
Inficon D-Tek Stratus:
Fielpiece SC680 Clamp Meter:
Fieldpiece SC480 Clamp Meter:
Fieldpiece SMAN 480 Digital Manifold:
Fildpiece SVG3 Vacuum Gauge:
Fieldpiece DR58 Leak Detector:
Fieldpiece JL3KM2 Bluetooth Manometer set:
Fieldpiece Blutooth Scale:
Fieldpiece SDMN6 Manometer:
Fieldpiece MR45 Recovery Machine:
Fieldpiece 8CFM VP87 Vacuum Pump:
Yellow Jacket Tubing Expander:
Milwaukee M12 Impact Driver:
Makita XDT16:
Makita 18V Light:
Makita Wet/Dry Vacuum :
Makita 18V Battery Mounts in Van :
Makita Jobsite Radio:
DIY Vacuum Attachment for drains:
Fieldpiece Smart Probe Kit :
Klein Heavy Duty Wire Strippers :
Klein Needle Nose Crimpers/Stippers:
Klein Knee Pad:
Klein 7in1 Flip Socket:
Klein Journeyman Pliers:
Milwaukee Slim Packout On My Torch:
Aluminum Packout Wall Mount on torches :
Milwaukee Tool Box:
Veto Pro Pac Tech MCT:
Milwaukee Hook Blade Knife:
Testo 300 flue gas analyzer:
Western Nitrogen Regulator:
Klein Canvas Bucket:
Flag Velcro Patch Kit:
Supco Magnetic Door Switch Holder:
Milwaukee Magnetic Light:
Milwaukee Rechargeable Headlamp:
SS2 Float Switch:
3-Amp Breaker:
Appion Valve Core Removal Tool:
Appion G5 Twin Recovery Machine:
Yellow Jacket Large Tubing Bender:
Similar Small Tubing Bender:
Fluke Twist Guard Test Leads:
Fluke 975 Air Meter:
Honeywell T-4, 2-Heat, 1-Cool Programmable Thermostat:
Kidde Carbon Monoxide Alarm:
SolderWeld Flame Resistant Magnetic Blanket:
Malco 1/4 – 5/16 flip bit :
Quick Check Acid Test:
Aims Power Inverter:
Wiha Torqe Screwdriver :
Wiha Torqe Screwdriver 1/4” adapter:
American Flag Gator :
Compressor Tote:
Inspection Mirror:
Wiha TorqueVario-S 10-50 in/lb Torque Screwdriver :
1/4” adapter for Wiha Torque Screwdriver :

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Cookie Monster says:

What tool bag are you using for troubleshooting?

Lars Jansson says:

God job with an old Lady……….

Vann Berg HVAC says:

Next time you work on that style Rheem/Ruud cube if you could show how to take the condenser guard off that’d be extremely helpful.

Carlos Guzman says:

I had that dewalt table it lasted like 3 months and plastic part broke.

Jose Orta says:

I notice you always place the screws on inadecuate areas maybe you should get a magnetic pan…I use a plastic topper container with a lid to save the screws.

J says:

What kind of filters do you install?

Joe Crowe says:

I have a R22 that I put in in 1986 still works great but of course in Mn summers it not run real hard

Frank Evans says:

What kind of bench is that you're using and where did you get it?


Thank you for sharing . I wonder why there is two filter dryers

Silvestre Gonzalez Mendoza says:

To get all them leaves, need a vaccum n it leaves them really leafless along with the dirt

marcio924 says:

What wire do you amp out for motor on outdoor unit?

Steven Cossaboon says:

Nice job Curtis.

joe head says:

No rake and no grass to mow… Dogs don't care. 👍👍

David Dillon says:

Loving the videos Curtis, please keep them coming. But, I do have a question, again just curious as a new tech. Whey the suction side filter drier? I was told that they were only supposed to be a temporary solution and should be removed after four months.

DwnTwn says:

You always show great craftsmanship and are detail-oriented. Just thought that you would have used coil cleaner.

The Crack Rabbit says:

Hopefully it was just something with the speed of the condenser fan and the framerate of the camera but it did look like the fan is spinning in the wrong direction.

Tom Lawson says:

Great job Curtis what’s up with the suction line filter?

Barry Dorman says:

I keep a blower in my van for these leaves.

Eddy says:

You and your fancy work table 😂😅🤣 Nice set-up and good 1st live stream … Thx

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