Spot Welding Machine Using Lead Acid Battery

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i am show about making spot welding machine at lead acid battery. the positive electrons and negative electrons combine, the heat energy is produced. the nickel or iron plate is welding

Components Link :

1. SS Nail

2. Lead acid battery


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Luke Maney says:

Unsafe methods…should use a vise when drilling into those dowels. Also shorting a battery like that could be catastrophic! The fumes are potentially toxic?
This guy is unsafe and teaching others to be unsafe. It was cringe watching this, because everything he did was wrong except for mixing epoxy.

Soeb shariff says:

Mention the diode number clearly in description.

Terry Jones says:


Diode servese ZERO purpose other than to possibly reduce the battery voltage by .6V which is nothing and after the first arc that diode is fried and shorted… oh wait, watching the video the diode that was so carefully installed isn't even there during the spot welding.

Kids, don't try this at home.

Sureshbhai Suresh bhai says:

Very good advice

Владимир Коршун says:

Название аккумулятора так себе

Cool Craft And Tech #Road to 200 says:

Hello I'm your 1 millionth subscriber your videos are amazing

steve6855 steve6855 says:

"the positive electrons and negative electrons combine, the heat energy is produced" AND THE BATTERY EXPLODES!!!!

Kenneth Holland says:

Easy to see you have no idea on how to solder.

Bad Boy says:

ये तो वाट लग गई सभी वेल्डिंग मशीन की, वाह भाई वाह

pat jimenez says:

​ @Catalina Ramirez keen observation, no diode at all. May lower power output if diode in place, and Higher output without diode but will make battery shortlived.

Kokostarsrein Dyoz says:

After putting diode it will be 11 voltage

Sargento Acme says:

Ya te chingatis la pila vale

Sury Audio says:

Mantap bosku

فكرى الفساخ says:

Bravo . 10,000 Likes .

سمير الصباغ says:

Where is the condenser?

Remmawia Ralte says:

Nice work … 👍👍👍👍

jeff cantley says:

Mark my words it's coming I don't know when but that battery will explode when you short it across the metal like that they're not designed to do that type of work I have worked at battery places in the past and have seen it happen many times over people accidentally shorting batteries and they explode

Murrrr! says:

Oops the 5 mm thick nail melted like butter

arcangelo bergamo says:

Spot welding

Rajj Techs says:

🖕Why did you use a Diode in this Circuit?. Any one knows.. 🤔🤔

dariusz laabs says:

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Ramoel Ferreira de Oliveira says:

Eu não estou gostando disso ficar este tikitoque

Ramoel Ferreira de Oliveira says:

Para de ficar mandando poderia se não vou deszitala o YouTube do meu celular

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