Square to Round Project using Triangulation

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LBCC Metal Fabrication Program demonstrates how to layout and create the Square to Round Project. The material is 26Ga (0.19″, 0.5mm) galvanized sheet metal.
You can find out more about our program at https://www.lbcc.edu/metalfab


GlockmanGG says:

Did this in 1975 in sheet metal class , it really works

Joseph Stokes says:

Did an adult review this video prior to release? No audio with something technical is as rather awful format! Best of luck!

gholamali almasi says:

Thank you for your positive efforts

rhic'z gar TV says:

Good job bro!,,same my vlog about ducting🥰

Silky_ says:

This is really cool, now the challenge is how to fabricate something like this out in in the field without a break.

Matthew Arndt says:

Great video man more sheet metal stuff!

Lo Key The Artist says:

😳 where's the audio for those who need it ♿️

José Luis Muñoz Flores says:

Amigo, buenas tardes, qué calibre es la lamina? Por tu respuesta muchas gracias

88mmpureboost says:

I've got the Bending and acme lock down. For the life of me I can't figure out how to get the collar right.

Sp Karthi says:

Hi bro iam duct men spiral and square ducts
Any job for your company

tractortinkerer11 says:

Did that for many years without the fancy shear and pan brake. All by hand. Nice job.

onemischiefmaker says:

Damon, your one of the best i have ever seen. Keep up the great work. Amazing.

Duane Maillet says:

Hello Damon, Great Video tutorial! I just noticed this morning on another channel IT with Sharqawi, he or she is using most of your video on his channel https://youtu.be/ST4ENnuZmWs.
Keep up your great AUTHENTIC WORK!

Phoolpur.M.D says:

Sir Ji 🙏 I am 🇮🇳 Working Round Ducting square ducting

DCUPtoejuice says:

Holy Cannoli

Сергей Герцевич says:

Пол дня один переход делал 😂😂😂

φωτης μαγκας says:

where i can find a book with airduct designs to buy ?

Marcos Borba says:

Very good job. How can I got the paperwork u had with the measures. Thanks

Gator Gator says:

U know they make a plasma cutter that can cut it all to precise just have to bend .but this was the way I was taught u can still get the same result but it take awhile to do

halltrash88 fitz says:

why all the extra work ? equal taper only needs 1/4 lay out of working view

ostracizedchild says:

Does the 20 degree braking work for all square to rounds no matter the sizes? Thanks.

qwertz says:

Great job! May I ask you how thick the metal is and does it have a special label? Thank you in advance.

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