Standing Seam Metal Roof Tools you need to carry in your tool bag

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In this video we’ll look at the standing seam metal roof tools my crew and I carry with us in our tool bags when we are installing standing seam metal roofing. As you will find out in the video the standing seam metal roof tools are not expensive and easy to find. You cant afford not to be prepared. Learn what specific tools you’ll need to install standing seam.

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Links to standing seam metal roof tools



Rivot Gun

Hand benders


Bryce Reid says:

People make fun of me for heavy my bag is, I have a hard time only having the basics. Right tool for the right job. Guys get quiet when I always have that one tool they need though.

Young Mush says:

I think you need more clamps on those sheets.

vipahman says:

It would have been nice to see some of the tools for cutting and bending panels along their long length.

Marco Najera says:

What a valuable video!

Jeremy Carpenter says:

This guy supports landfill waste

Dave Moores says:

No nonsense, concisely presented, thorough, well recorded and edited. Can't say what a great job you guys did on this video. Thanks for helping me research the trade I'd like to pursue ! Cheers,

Luke Williams says:

Love it brother straight forward 👍👌

Joseph Toombs says:

Sponsored by Harbor Freight

Kruger See says:

Typical roofer. In Hawaii those snips is trash. Midwest all day! That rivet gun is garbage. Those tongs is garbage. Btw that mid-chest strap is too low!🤦🏾

J Nelson says:

Excellent content.

Jeff Davis says:

Great video, Aaron! I’m not sure what is in it for you, other than possible recruiting, but I sure appreciate the information that you share.

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