Stick Welding Basics for Beginners: How to Stick Weld

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Let’s go over everything that you need to know when starting out with Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), also known as stick welding. This video cover welders, safety gear and equipment, welding electrodes, striking an arc, tacking and proper welding technique. If you’re looking to improve your welding skills or learn how to build so great projects, check out the other videos on my channel and subscribe to get the latest videos delivered to you.

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****Gear you might want****
Lincoln AC225:
DekoPro Inexpensive Stick Welder:
My Welding Helmet:
Less Expensive Welding Helmet (I have this one too. It’s good, but has a smaller view area and fewer controls):
Welding Jacket:
Welding Gloves:
6011 Electrodes (3/32″):
6013 Electrodes (1/8″):
7018 AC Electrodes (1/8″):
Rod Storage Tube:
Chipping Hammer:
Wire Brush:
Magnetic Squares:
Grasshopper Clamp:

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TimWelds says:

You can learn to weld. I'll show you exactly what to do in my affordable online welding courses at

Jabulani Rambwawasvika says:

Love your tutorials clear and straight forward. Great videos thank you Sir great job

T W says:

Thanks for keeping it simple for an absolute beginner. Great video.

Billy Blackie says:

Tim I had a great experience yesterday. I watch your videos which are great. I watched one last night by someone from an Asian country somewhere I don't know where from and no Adio but the guy was using the 6013 rod and showing the very basics of the do's and dont's. It helped me be more able to home in on your great tutorial hints. The video more like a basin crash course or introduction to welding but geared towards rough welding. I think it was a good idea to watch it to help me pick up your brilliant hints and much better explanation of every step involved. Your teaching is much better by far but for me I need to step back so I can be more relaxed going forward. I'm going back to basics like you said before. Practice on old non important pieces first to get the job done and get the general idea on how to get started and get to know and understand your actions and parts and when that part is mastered then learn how to improve on techniques and improving on them thanks a million Tim you are a great teacher

never mind technology says:

I improved my welding quality thanks to your videos.I just used to watch videos on YT and almost never subscribe to any channel,but YOU deserve it,so I subscribed today.You have the best videos on YT about welding,your explonation is simple and understandable,you are not doing it in a fancy way like some youtubers,just straight to the point.You should teach in school or something because you have a gift to teach.Thank you for what you doing,all the best from Europe,Slovakia

James Pacouloute says:

Thank you, very well done 👍

Invasion_of_the_body_snatchers says:

Can you tell us about stitch welding thin stainless, using stick? Do you use a carbon electrode to heat up the tip before you start the stitch?

The Do It Yourself World says:

Thanks for the easy to follow tips. Just got a stick welder. Have not used one of these since high school. Nice refresher course.

Tristan McCauley says:

Nice work buddy

lovesquared123456789 says:

Great video, way to "Stick It" Tim.

Felt fx says:

Fantastic video! Thank you!

Severeign says:

Lots of useful info. Thanks!

Natedoc808to805 says:

Thanks so much for taking the time to make these videos. In 24 min you clearly explained what my dad was unable to since he started trying to teach me starting when I was 5 until some 20 years later on different t projects. Much appreciated. I’m picking up an AC225 tomorrow for a steal so I’m going to get favricating

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