Strong Performance, Small Design – REFOX Upgraded Laser Marking Machine (Mini Ver.)

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REWA launched the Laser Machine solution for back glass refurbishment for the first time in the industry in 2019 and the machine has been well received by our clients. After a series of upgrades, REFOX Mini Laser Machine is finally here. Maintaining the astonishing performance of the previous version, the Mini version is much smaller and cheaper. Wanna know more about this product? Check out our video now.

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Products recommended in this video:
REFOX Upgraded Laser Marking Machine (Mini Ver.) Equipment Set:
REFOX Laser Marking Machine (Mini Ver.):
Fiber Laser Engraving Fume Extractor:

00:00 Intro
00:13 REFOX Upgraded Laser Marking Machine For Back Glass Repair
00:18 Size Comparison Of New And Old Laser Machine
00:55 New Laser Machine Appearance
01:31 Operation Comparison Of Two Machines
04:53 Marking Function Of Laser Machine
05:28 Conclusion

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REWA Technology says:

Products recommended in this video:

REFOX Upgraded Laser Marking Machine (Mini Ver.) Equipment Set:

REFOX Laser Marking Machine (Mini Ver.):

Fiber Laser Engraving Fume Extractor:

excuZza says:

During calibration ( 1:35 ) the pointed tip placed against the backside of the phone is not stopping and pushing through the glass. Any ideas? Where can verified buyers get instructions?

Nicolas Camacho says:

you cant do this job with assambled phone?, had any risk?

J mobile care says:

Sir machine prine in india

Bhavneet Singh says:

Can we remove front lcd from frame with this machine????

Leonardo Henrique says:

Enviam ao brasil?

OneBeatRecord 06 says:

I have an idea, could this leaser remove the glue from a screen without damaging it the OLED panel? Could you test this? This would be perfect, please let me know!

el bouanani ahmed says:

Bonjour mr je veux firmwaer de apple si vous voulez

Pipa istaken says:

just brought the mini version but have no idea what software I need to get, perhaps a manual with the machine would be useful

The Chennai Mobiles says:

I have big doubt all laser machine manufacturers makeing machine for only iphone ?y not showing other models and usages

Dranreb BT says:

is there any chance that my phone keeps restarting because of the crackling sounds coming from the earpiece speaker? my phone is doing normal when i put earphones on it and when i remove it my phone will restart in a minute. also when i take many picture my phone still restarting. thank you for answering.

M rizky Avanza says:

hey rewa i want to ask bout my iphone,i have change the battery multiple times and the battery health always say 0% percentage which is make the phone force reboot,do you have any solutions?

Daniel Khan says:

Jerry rig everything normally breaks phones by scratching them

RAJ Kashyap says:

REWA team you are doing great job..salute u team

Unique Mobile Care says:

Do we need to Disassamble The Phone ?

Darma yasa says:

Glass is glass, glass can be crack

gaji kemarin blm hbis uda gajian lagi says:

ya ttep aja duit gwa gak ckup.
gile 20 juta lbih

Oh Long Johnson says:

i dont get it why u need a lassrmachine takes with some heat less than 10 minutes to separate glas from backcover. and if the heat methode dont work for u than u doing it wrong !

Parimanja Maibam says:

is there servicing available on rewa Centre ?

Павел Сажин says:

Hello, is there any instruction to adjust black mold on platform? It seems my piece has wrong position.

6u899 0999 says:

Form bangladesh

innocent love says:

Jerry everything 😂😂🤣

Qvik_3D says:

Where i can download software for this machine ?

Alexzander Curry says:

Hey guys, could we see a demmo on how we would use this to remove screens? Thanks

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