Supermarket Refrigeration – How To Troubleshoot a Case Running Warm ( Found Bad Suction Stop)

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Rocker says:

Is the reciever after the condenser?

Arizona Elevators and More! says:

Do you turn off the thunder sounds and automatic misters when you service a produce case?

Brad Geary says:

the fan rattling…. aahhhh!,, 😂. wireless sensor/gauges, have you tried yet? you may love them. no hoses for one and using core depressors on non valved ports makes for nearly no messy losses. you can be at the controller operating it wile seeing the changes (or lack of) and if controller is out of range (field piece has great range) you can leave phone or tablet in range of probes graphing the data. would hate to work without mine now. picture that convenience and not having to carry and deal with those 60” hoses you have. large pipe clamps available too. fantastic devices and i recommend to all. when the new guy out on his own and in over his head he can send screen shot and share data

Elvis says:

Did the fan blade hitting the shroud bug you at all? Lol that bugs the living snot out of me lol

vicente rivera says:

Why is there a solenoid valve in Suction? I thought it goes on liquid lines… Rookie question

LC says:

Sorry for the stupid question but was the suction stop restricting the flow to the txv? Also why does more refrigerant in the suction line cause pressure to go down? Shouldn’t it increase? Thanks

nakia pringley says:

Great video brother 💯💯💯💯keep them coming

Tim Zhao metal recycling equipments factory China says:

Nice video ,by the way , I guess plug-in freezer will be easier to repaired.

HVACR Survival says:

Just found you, great content, just what I was looking for!

Dale Peace says:

Just a word of encouragement to keep putting out supermarket refrigeration videos. What a gift this would have been when I was just starting out. A few of us oldtimers were lucky if we could pass on our knowledge to one or two people. Now you have the platform to make a difference to those who really want to learn our trade.

James Dean says:

Dude. I just want to say as an apprentice in supermarket refrigeration thank you so much for putting out solid, informative videos. It awesome and hard to come by in this trade.

Jeremy Boltin says:


Abel Urrutia says:

What is that horrible sound?

SvenS. says:

Are you building Co2 Boosters on newer markets?

HVACR_WA says:

Nice video, very thorough

fretraer says:

G. Damn Change that freaking fan

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