Talking about welding equipment

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Talking about welding gear, and metal cutting tools.
Filmed by @fitzsimons94 (instagram)


vhemanes H says:

hay you do good work and great work i think thanks

Shotz says:

with stick welding I find it nicer and easier to weld if you bend the rod down before you start so you don't have to lift as much to get the stick started.

Lisa Vargas Long says:

20 years! I can't believe it. You in you late 30 early 40. You don't look a day over 18. 😁

Liam Kenney says:

I got a Hobart multi process 200 plugs into 110 and 220 great little welder gives me 100 amps 21 volts on 110 200 amps can’t remember the bolts for 220

VictorAygo says:

this is a cool video, very different. Kinda looks like something we'd see on tv

hypercube33 says:

The welding first shots are cool, but way, way way too many cuts. Maybe toss some slow motion sparks in there instead

Bw Yyy says:

You have motivated me to learn to weld

Xaltotun Great says:

Great video and good reviews of your tools! You should make a video with the plasma table. I've never seen you using it.

Maria Cardoso says:

Gostaria de ver sua família

Maria Cardoso says:

Curto muito seu vídeo

George Lasala says:

andrew u are a good mach

George Lasala says:

ya i see your welding you can haing with the best of us

Keaton sparks ( trucks trains and vlogs says:

I'm terrified of acetylene i did it 2 months ago in auto class and i was so nervous

Rockee Rockey says:

Your doing it all wrong! 😆 Truthfully, if you get good penetration & a solid weld you've done ok!
Far to many ego's cry about what someone does or doesn't do.

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