TBK 958M Compact & Lightweight Laser Machine – InjuredGadgets.com (Quick iPhone Back Glass Removal)

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Hey Everyone! InjuredGadgets.com introduces the TBK 958M Lightweight and Compact Laser! Offered at the incredible price of $1349 with full support and free shipping!

Get yours now at

00:00 Intro
00:23 Unboxing Of Machine
01:45 Baseplate Setup/Parts Included
04:10 Attaching Power Cables
05:00 Download & Install Software
07:03 Calibration/Alignment of Laser
08:15 Demo of Laser usage
13:06 Back Glass Removal
17:36 Ending


Rob S says:

Hey guys! Ive seen some videos where they run the laser over the back a 3rd time, AFTER all the glass is removed, to remove any residual glue on those "glue-patterns" on the back. Do you recommend? After that 3rd pass it was nice and clean as if no glue had been applied yet. Saw that process here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2CtUzRV1DI

Nelson F says:

any risk whit the motherboard?

BrokenHeart💔 says:

iPhone 11 and 12 series very hard to remove back glass on laser machine
Any solution?

Nalinda Sanjaya says:

how do u switch this off?

Cael Mills says:

I am not seeing the download button after installing the software

Mohammed Yamin says:

I have purchased TBK-958M I'm disappointed with it as it keep saying NO BOARD DEVICE DETECTED.
Does this software works only with 8 and 7?
May I know which windows are you using it

Bogdan says:

Hi , I’m planning to buy this type of machine but i have a couple of questions:
Can i minimeze the risk of getting dust in the cameras if i do just one pass and take the glass off with heat after ?
If i let the old glue on will the new glass fit well ?
Can i get away without opening the phone if i use the methods above combined with a laser protection mould ? Im scared of getting dust inside the cameras , I’ve seen it more than once .

The Gadget Corner says:

I can’t wait till I can afford one! Would love to be able to repair back glass without buying a whole new housing

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