TESTING The Cheapest Plasma Cutter On AMAZON

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Wranglerstar tests the cheapest plasma cutting torch on Amazon.
Here is a link to the HERO CUT Plasma Torch – https://amzn.to/2SWjzMB
(amazon affiliate link)

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Wranglerstar says:

Here is a link to the HERO CUT Plasma Torch – https://amzn.to/2SWjzMB (amazon affiliate link)

PC MacDonald says:

100% duty cycle at 25 amps. 50% duty cycle at 30 amps. This does not make any sense at all.

—>>> This is gobblygook shite, and even if it made sense?

Well, it does not make any sense at all.

Do you all remember that the purpose of a breaker is to protect the wiring hooked up to it? Breaker size has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO with the power delivered until you exceed the capacity of the breaker (and the wiring it protects?)

The machine is going to draw the current it wants for any particular application. Your breaker size has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH PERFORMANCE !!!!

—->>> Unless you are tripping the breaker.

I remain, scratching my head with all of this nonsense presented here.

How can we take this guy seriously, as he VERY CLEARLY has NO FREAKING CONCEPT of power/wiring/breakers?

Nellosphere says:

Paying under $200 for a plasma cutter and complaining about hose clamps 🤣


I'm finding more and more Chinese electric tools perform more than adequately for DIY's without the outlays in $'s. The 60cc chainsaw I bought was so cheap I bought 2, plenty of spares and worth it when looking at the prices of individual parts. A very good and informative video thanks from Australia mate.

Steven Larsen says:

As always a very good and informative video. When ordering do we need a code number to make sure you get just rewards? Thank you for sharing.

BRENT Smith says:

Brilliant video thank u 😍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

William White says:

Thank you ! God Bless !!!

Heavy Machines In Action says:

0:47 that's what she told me

Reaperofwind says:

I don’t mind buying the cheap stuff but I like to know I can get replacement consumables and parts.

Sean McKay says:

I have a herocut but its yellow its a 110 and a 240 its pretty good if you have a steady hand (edit) it blows the fuse every minute on 110v i reccomend 240v

Jose Vazquez says:

I have the newer model, is 120/240, 45 amps and even comes with CNC connectors . All that for $250. I saw no reason to spend thousands on a tool that I use once in a while.

Charlie Smith says:

Im a new welder so pardon my ignorance,,do i need to use welder type eye protection when using plasma cutter,,i have a regular auto darkening helmet and also a pair of auto darkening welder glasses

Brett Houston Tube says:

That's super. Is it still running?

CJ Johnson says:

The Michael Bloomberg of plasma cutters! 🤣


Chinese can make primo equipment as well as budget

Bert Enerny says:

Thanks,,the item demonstration was to the point. might have a need for one. God bless you too.;-) Bert

Tommy Bounds says:

For the video

nothing here says:

isn't incredible such things are affordable? i just bought my first welding unit. xcting to learn new things. ta very.

Kenny Hernandez says:

In my country the cost of recharging an acetylene cylinder is $ 200, it is cheaper to have several plasma cutters than to use acetylene

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