TESTING The Cheapest Welder On AMAZON

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Wranglerstar tests the cheapest MIG welder on Amazon. This benchtop wire-feed welder only costs $109 shipping and includes everything a guy would need to fabricate small projects.

Link to buy Wranglerstar’s welder https://amzn.to/34zjS3J

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Wranglerstar says:

Purchase The Cheapest Welder On AMAZON – https://amzn.to/34zjS3J

WingRider says:

Here in the states we always think we need to spend tons of money on equipment. Woodworkers, for example, think they need wood working tables that are huge and weigh hundreds of pounds…then you go to Viet Nam, and see a guy sitting on the curb, with a board in his lap, holding the pieces he is working on with his toes, and turning out exquisite chess boards and pieces. You need a certain level of tool, nice tools are nice, but skill trumps everything. Or as they say, I'd be more afraid of Daniel Boone with a musket in the woods, than a wanna be operator with an AR 15.

tim windler says:

I have owed this welder for nearly 15 years until someone stole it from my shop. They are made in bulk & bought & branded by other company's. Mine was a DecaStar & I now have one branded Brisunshine. They are decent welders. Pick yourself up some good quality flux core wire & a proper welding helmet & you are good to go.
Once you turn the welder on the wire is always hot so watch your eye's till you get used to it.
You don't need to spend hundreds of $ to make decent welds. Practice is all it takes!

Marcin says:

your vice was dicipating heat a lot, it would be really hard to weld with this machine anyway

N English says:

Looks almost identical to the harbor freight "chicago" kit. Tools and all.

DonJuanzito says:

it's strong enough… period

monmixer says:

A welder that keeps you from having to pay a welder that works is worth it. If you know how to weld that is. I suppose you can practice if you buy one and if you don't then you will not.

Water Wicca says:

Can you use this as practice, I’m currently in school

Obi Wan Shanobi says:

Nice video man, we're not pro's either and you did a fine job showing us a cheaper welder and what it can and can't do.

Bal Loney says:

like anyone else this guy is not reading manuals first

Bal Loney says:

what do you expect… it came from China

Y I says:

I love that you laughed at the slag hammer and the erm "hood" made me chuckle

Marvin Wilbur says:

Did you look or read the booklet? Before you tryed to weld…..

Justin N says:

Great video, its like 170$ now 2 years later!

shadestradingpost.com says:

I liked the lincoln electric shirt advertisement there.

Film Masters says:

Probably best for sheet metal on cars than industrial work

Philip Libby says:

I think this is a great welder for the price I mean if it gets you out of a pinch and your only going to use it once in a while I'd buy one

spyder2782 says:

Lol I loved when you turned it on

(Timtim)LefthandRighthand says:

Need to add more volts to it.. that 110 ain't enough..need a at least a 125 volts flowing throw that mug

Michael Raymount says:

… "apparently you just hold this", thats what you did back in the day. 🙂

Jaran says:

6:08 – When you consider the fact that i use a handheld carton (thick and resistant to fire) mask manufactured in former Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia in the year 1960, that already appears to be an upgrade. 😅 Greetings from Zagreb, Croatia.

Kareem Alasadi says:

I’ve been welding for 97 years and that is not goof

doobyboy21 says:

Are you in Canada ?

Fermin Marcano says:

Started laughing wen he turned it on with the flat head 😂

Thomas White says:

It would be good for tack welding ,and body work ..I like it ,100 bucks why not .

Benson Kelley says:

As far as the spring compressor goes my dad always used a huge c clamp and a wrench to tighten the clamp

SaddleTramp says:

I have that same welder. I bought it with a $100 gift card from Amazon. I find that it welds a lot better when I first apply heat with a butane torch.

Reed Wischhusen says:

I've got one similar to this, welds just fine good upgrade from a buzzbox stick welder which kept overheating after 1" weld.

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