The 10 Most Useful Hand Tools

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In this video, we have a look at my 10 favorite hand tools I use almost every day.

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All the tools from the video:
Olfa knife –
machinist square –
tape measure –ålebånd-3-m/p/40-8987
pencil (just any 0.7 ) –
combination square –
countersink drill –
nice hex drillbits –
drill bit set by the same company –
plane (similar to mine) –
ca glue –
clamps –
Torx bits (i use 3.5″ long ones) –

Some of my other favorite tools:

favorite 3d printer:
Orbital sander:
Track saw:
Impact driver:

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Thank you for Watching! Tune in next week for more videos 🙂

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Louis Paquet says:

I will take Torx over Phillips screws, but I live in a part of the world where square (Robertson) screws are the king of screws. I have square bits that are over 10 years old and still work, just fine. Furthermore, I have a pair of square screwdrivers that are over 20 years old, and they are still working fine, those are from the pre-bits era.

Matthew Harrold says:

I have way too many subscriptions, this channel is now part of my illness. Get down with the sickness and thanks Alex. $0.02

c k says:

Please speak English. Thank you

DegenWoW says:

Beware of these plastic clamps, most of them don't hold almost at all or with minimal strenght.

Hatsune Miku SS NZB mind controle MEDIA VIRUSS says:

Passer ✌🏼

Frank Su Huang says:


Mark Steddom says:

Great list!

Mark Andrew Koval says:

Sweet multi functional knife! Too many measuring devices…I’ll just stick to digital calipers and a measuring triangle. Punch is in my top top…just so damn useful for making pilot holes and teeny tiny measurement marks. I dig the mechanical pencil vs “carpenter’s pencil”….just so sloppy, clunky, and inconsistent vs mechanical pencil

Colman O'Brien says:

He forgot to mention the scribe on the combination square 😏

Andrew Thompson says:

why do people hate on robertson so much. Its the best multi purpose head out there

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