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Join me as I share with you whats in my tool box and what 12 plumbing tools I can’t be without!


Mary Esther Austin says:

What sizes of plumbing wrench or channel locks for household emerge plumbing..what about tape. I am relieved, I had most of them..what do you need to cut off the water?

Get Paid First says:

Best tool is common sense.

Ken Barrett says:

No joke. Ga plumbers test question ,,, most used tool in plumbing ,, correct answer is channel locks Lol

Shannon Mcleish says:

Good morning Tim I want to head did my youtube channel how can I do so can you tell me plz

LorenzKamo says:


Jim Rr says:

My most important tool is a pair of suspenders.

Nathan Hall says:

The flowrite Moen cartridge puller is better. It pulls out the cartridge about a half inch further than that old style cartridge puller does. Enough so you can get a hold of it and pull it out. When they’re really stuck in and the rubbers all bunched up I will usually pull it out as far as I can with the puller then with pliers spin it in the body of the valve to rip the rubber up and it’ll come right out. You’ll have to pick out the rubber from the valve but it works every time.

America first says:

Small hacksaw ( Milwaukee) when cutting old CPVC. Cutting with cutters will shatter old CPVC breaking it off behind a wall or valve then you are at DESTINATION FU😭KED

Ken Barrett says:

Kid you not ,, on Georgia masters test ,, most used tool.. the correct answer is channel locks .. other optional answers slip joint pliers , groove joint pliers . None of the above .. I seen the harbor freight. 6 in one .. when I get low on them I stop by and grab a handful when they are 1.99. And nothing beats the small cheap movers blanket for a toss down on bathroom floors .. a little padding and some insulation against tile flooring .. not to mention any nasty that might be on the floor .".. these aren't cheap but look on amazon at knipex cobra pliers .. they will become your first reach for pliers

Buck says:

Something I would add is the One Stop Wrench. Works fantastic for changing angle stops and tightening lav/toilet supplies.

Mike Zeke says:

I’d place the basin wrench in the lower 30s

Mike Zeke says:

I don’t think there is a hacksaw in my truck… hackzall, yes.

Truman Ray says:

Great list Tim! I buy all my stuff from Harbor freight I can(disposables), Milwaukee(lights & compact 12v Sawzall), DeWalt (power tools in general portable power station will run a pipe threader or sewer auger anywhere!!!), or Ryobi(air pump and cordless drain auger $69.00 at home depot my favorite!) great videos my friend!

Chris Lou R says:

I’m not a plumber, but i’ll switch out valves and toilets you know the easy stuff lol and i will throw in at number #11 a small hack saw for tight spaces.

Lee State says:

Thank you for the video Tim. I've been thinking of getting into plumbing trade for sometime now. But as for someone who has very limited experience with plumbing (mostly simple household stuffs like unplugging sink and toilet, helping my father installing a new water heater and septic tank motor etc.), it's hard figuring out where to start. There are colleges offering pre-apprenticeship plumbing program but I see a lot of skepticism about these programs on web. It'd be very kind of you if you can offer me an advice on where to start.

billy joe denny says:

checking my van , i believe you grabbed my tool bag tim
scoutforlife gave you a great shout out .
good video my friend.
billy joe

nidoevin1 says:

Propane torch

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