The ABCs of Hand Tools

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Animated 35mm Film on how to use hand tools – circa 1950

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MultiMaker Studios says:

There’s a kid in my class who slept to this in our class. He got yelled at but was still asleep, hope he’s doing good.

Just4 Guitar says:

Problem is…… when Good Ol’ Pete attached that first rock to a wooden handle, it wasn’t for busting rocks! It was for survival by cracking skulls!

hugh464 says:

The double cut file is also called a bastard cut just so you know

Ian Morton says:

I'm 40 and this is an old cartoon but the tools are manly the same all those years ago and everyone has been a primativ peat lol

Frank B says:

I learned so much from this 75 year old program! Even in late 1980s shop class I didn't learn these things still relevant in today's world. Life may revolve around apps, but people still have homes that need maintenance, and unless you want to be at the mercy of today's contractors it's critical to know these things.

BidStarling says:

shout out Mr. Street

CaseyLyde says:

Used to watch this in shop class back in Jr high, on an old school projector.

sirswagger21 says:

Anyone from school?

PixelFate69#4574 says:

are u here from school?

The Truth says:

I like primitive Pete's style

AlwaysInAtari says:

Are there any more old DIY / infotainment education videos from this period or earlier?


Who else is here after clicking on the link for the woodshop lesson?
In 2021

Alan Ciyc says:

As a Shop teacher, I showed this movie from 1981-2015. Search “ It Didn’t Have To Happen” for the other gem!

TheSpaceBetweenOurHouses says:

Primitive Pete needs a supervisor

Extinct Turtle says:

I just found this while procrastinating sleeping 👍10/10 would watch to sleep again

Syed Muqtadir says:

Anyone from ms temps?

Kanye Chibin says:

do a push up for every time he says nut for the lazy people

Kanye Chibin says:

wow you scrolled all the way to the bottom for the answers and did not find them take this "L"

Bull FIGTHER says:

Sino dito taga SAA? ahhahaha

Amna Productions says:

I’m here bc of tech CURES U MR CORI

helicopter says:

whats with teachers and old videos?

Moon Light says:

I fell asleep during class so I have to watch this

Violet Sushi says:

Who else is here from Engineering?

scubbarookie says:

I love this animation. It's awesome to see & and hear it after so many years! Watching this in high school woodshop or autoshop; classic! 👍

واحد معروف says:

مين جاي من عند الدب الميكانيكي

Apollo Dxsh says:

Im only watching this cuz of school

michael vrooman says:

We watched these films in our shop classes back in Jr. High back in the early 70s

Killers crest Arts says:

You’re just watching a caveman destroy handles for 31 minutes straight

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