The Basic Refrigeration Cycle

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We will will help you scientifically understand how an air conditioner removes heat from a building. Warning: Some of you may get flashbacks to high school chemistry and the Ideal Gas Law (PV=nRT).


ncbwztcw says:

Why do you use the phrase "condensor rejects heat" rather than "condensor emits heat"? The light bulbs in my house don't reject light, they emit it.

Also, according to the diagram, the temperature on either side of the TXV appears to be the same (the colours are the same) – in reality, there is a drop in temperature across the TXV that matches the drop in pressure.

Jose Vasquez says:

Simple explanation and straight to the point. I would like to see this him explain chilled water chiller using his simply method of communication.

Timothy Bunch says:

Excellent video, thank you!

Stephen Burns says:

Nice explanation

Michel Dufenberg says:

Great video

Edwin Alvarado says:

Great video !!!!!

Dan Arr says:

Great basic explanation! Easy to follow and understand the cycle.

Kamal Nasari says:

Xmas . Beautiful teaching . ❤

Ari Telecemian says:

Well done sir. It's explained perfectly

Hamilton Hamilton says:

Very nice explanation.

Deepak Bhat says:

I have one question,how refrigerant condenses when the its boiling point itself -40 degree C. Because outdoor temp will be 30+ degree. I know that it is because of pressure, i had read it somewhere but,can anyone explain

Cornpop says:

You are talented! I have watched dozens of videos on this topic and although some did a decent job of explaining the details, none of them did as well as you! I really liked the vertical line concept, where you divided the 4 components into two categories, that's not something I've seen anywhere else. That made the difference in the concepts clicking for me.

Jet Johnson says:

This guy is an ACE

Jessica Burns says:

This is great! Thank you! I am using this to help my CTE HS Students review!

Musa Kavalci says:

Very well explained!! 👍🏼👍🏼

Harry Strohm says:


Paulino Matos says:

were the secul

M Ellis says:

Thanks for your explanation it was very clear and easy to understand.

Fritz P says:

Excellent job! Straight and to the point 👍

MohanKalasa says:

By far the best explanation I could find on youtube. You are super crisp in your technical explanations and now I don't need to go through a lot of literature to understand phenomena behind refrigeration cycle. Kudos to your efforts !

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