The Best Laser Cutter for any Budget?

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Let’s break down the best laser cutter sand engravers for any budget in 2021!

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📊 Full Written Comparison Review:

⚡️LASERS MENTIONED (affiliate)
Ortur Laser Master Engraver 2 Pro –
Ortur Laser Master Engraver 2 –
Atomstack A5 Pro –

20W Fiber Laser –
FS Muse Pandora –
FS Muse Fiber –

Glowforge –
Full Spectrum Muse 3D –
Makeblock Laserbox –
Flux Beamo –

OM Tech 40W –
OM Tech 50W –

OM Tech AF Series –
OM Tech ZF Series –

Full Spectrum Muse Titan –
Aeon Mira 5 –
Thunder –
Full Spectrum PS20 Pro -

__PRO CO2__
Epilog Zing 16 –
Trotec Speedy –
Universal Laser Ultra X6000 – ?track=yt-d8NuMq7nH7s

00:00 – Intro
00:41 – Laser Power
02:28 – Work area
02:45 – Software
03:13 – Features
03:24 – Full Breakdown Grid
03:49 – Best Diode Lasers
05:54 – Best Fiber Lasers
06:28 – CO2 Laser Categories
06:51 – Best Desktop CO2 Picks
09:52 – Best Budget CO2 Picks
11:57 – Learn Lightburn for Lasers
12:31 – Best Mid Range CO2 Picks
13:38 – Best High End CO2 Picks
14:43 – Best Pro CO2 Picks
15:10 – Odd Balls
15:52 – My Top Picks


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🤖FAVORITE ROBOTS (affiliate)
Favorite Laser Cutter –
Budget Diode Laser –
Budget CO2 Laser –
Engrave Metal –
X-Carve CNC –
Favorite 3D Printer –
Resin 3D Printer –
Vinyl Cutter –


Make or Break Shop says:

Which laser is your top pick for 2021?

Earline Gordon says:

Thanks for your tutorial I would like to know can you cut stencil or make your own stencil with this machine

R Mlecko says:

I am new to lasers and would like to purchase one to cut thin wood to build structures for my hobby. I was looking at the Ortur, but it seems that the diode lasers are more for engraving, will they cut? I am wondering if I need to save and buy a CO2 laser if I want to do cutting. It seems like the Glowforge and it's counterparts are overkill for my modest needs….any suggestions?

Burhan Zahrai says:

I would like to know if there is a machine that cuts through silver and gold plates.

Mango Hunter says:

Thanks I am looking for cloth cutting machine for tailoring

Can u pls suggest me some links on how I could select one

David Giertta says:

Good and informative review. Thank you! Just one question.. With CO2-lasers the air assist near or on the nossle is for clearing the smoke and fumes, so the beam is unobstructed for a sharper, better result and the focusing lens gets less wear due to particles sticking to it and burning in. In the video you mention air assist, or lack thereof, on diode lasers, but as a lacking safety feature for putting out fires.. Is the use of air assis that different in the two types? In my experience the air assist can promote the opposite, as it fans any fire, adding more oxygen.

I’m Jason says:

Loving this channel and your vids. In the process of researching for a laser.
Looking for something to engrave and cut acrylic plastics/abs and engrave metals.
To clarify a Co2 won’t engrave metal at all?

Tracy Phoenix says:

I like the volume of information, but please speak slower. There was a lot to take in, and all of it is new to me.

P Brandon says:

Amazing breakdown of the categories and thanks for including the most important specs, price, functionality and putting them in categories.

P Brandon says:

Co2 lasers are even used in plastic surgery to resurface the face, yes they laser the face which regenerates collagen so your skin looks younger, it’s crazy some brilliant person thought of using it on skin.

Tomohawk1955 says:

What would be a good one for engraving on axe heads? In $2K -$3K Range?

JoeL Vargas says:

I'm a wine rep and sell a lot of private label wines to companies looking to self-promote their business. Is there a laser that you would recommend that would work to engrave wine bottles?

adamstewarton says:

Which laser would be able to cut stainless steel up to 2mm thick ?

Matthew Madrigal says:

Can you use a co2 laser on plastic or only wood?

Sandra Walters says:

Hi Brandon, I have to say, you are the only person that I watch when it comes to laser talk. Though I know nothing of the machines and most of what you speak of is a foreign language to me, I enjoy watching them all the same. With that being said, I am seriously in need of suggestions because I have absolutely no idea what I need to purchase, especially since I have never laid eyes on a laser/engraver in my life.

Whichever one I purchase will be going inside my craft room in my house. The room is 25 ft long X 13.5 wide so space is not an issue, however, the entrance to my house is only 34” wide, so it would have to be small enough to go through the entrance.

In no particular order, these are the things that I would love to learn to create… Jewelry pieces (namely earrings) from wood, leather, and acrylic. I’d like to be able to cut out the wood to assemble jewelry boxes, shadow boxes, keepsake boxes, small-medium-sized desk organizers, and similar items. I would also like to be able to learn how to make round door signs (at least 15”), 3D layered designs and other wall decorative items.

I would love to be able to learn how to engrave on leather and acrylic, books, personalize journals, wallets, and a few other items. I am not new to crafting, just new to laser cutting/engraving.

I would greatly appreciate all suggestions that could help me make my final decision as well as any other equipment that could help make things run smoother and of course, the more budget-friendly it is, the better.

Delilah Walterscheid says:

Thanks for the info, really looking into getting a laser cutter

Melinda Gibson says:

What about the sculpfun S9? Any thoughts on that one? I really want thick cut, rotary and a LARGE workspace! Thanks sooo much! Great videos!

Jay Hood says:

What's the cheapest option to cut 1/8 acrylic sheets? Does it have to be a co2

Javier Guerrero says:

Hi. Really nice video.
Which machine can you recommend for engrave 100 dogs and cats tags per day?

Edge says:

Slow down….. you're not selling.

Andreas Kyriakou says:

Hi, I am new to laser cutting. I wanted to get your opinion on which model is best for cutting through 6mm plywood on one pass. Have in mind that the production speed is essential. Also workspace must be big enough for more production.

Nate Hill says:

thank you, me and a buddy look to buy a machine, from gun engraving, to larger pieces like gates made of aluminum with engraving on it, or signs that are for parking spots, lol is there a specific machine you would use for all or do we need a few, i suspect a few

Heather Cash Art says:

I have a very important question. I can see that you love Star Wars, but is there also a special place in your heart for Star Trek?

Adrian Scarlett says:

There are commercial fibre lasers available that work similarly to a CNC router, but no hobby ones that I can find.

Anyone have any experience with them? Running costs are allegedly half that of a co2, and performance significantly faster

Sheamus Maloney says:

Have you ever cut mylar stencils with any of those machines?

Yong Lomax says:

I am thinking to make customized name necklace and also engraving initial on the pendants at home. So desktop mini machines are more practical. Could you let me know so I need 2 machines? Is there a desktop machine do it all?

Justin Stanley says:

6K for a desktop machine is nuts….I have about 10k in a 100 watt Reci tube system that is the size of a car…That even includes a 1/2 ton chiller that cools both the laser tube and my spindle on my AVID.

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