The Best Value CNC Router | Introducing the Newly Upgraded SmartShop® M2 | Laguna Tools

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Follow along with Jay as he explains the benefits and reasons why the newly upgraded M2 solidifies it as the best value CNC router on the market.

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Emma Agorvor says:

We have been following you, from Ghana, will need some machines for our new workshop, we are into door production, we export doors into the u s market, can we chat?

ArgentOrangeOK says:

Is the machine recommended for drilling operations? Can the machine handle tight depth tolerances for very light grooving in plastics like phenolic? Does it have helical interpolation or just 2 1/2 axis?

PK S I says:

Hi is it worth to buy for letters engraving on aluminium sheet…?
Letters size is 4mm or 5mm deapth 0.5mm ?

James Stewart says:

How much is this unit as of December 2021? How long until I can receive it in Virginia U.S. after buying? Who can I call at Laguna to discuss these things with?

Flaviano Jose says:

i am dying to own a cnc for my all cool projects that are just sleeping on the computer, but i do not have conditions to buy one, my dreams of opening my own cnc business are…


please let me know the price

Dev Everything says:

Rack and pinion on a wood cnc???

Demography Now! says:

Can you use the 4 by 4 to cut 4 by 8 pieces in two sections?


Would love to see more videos on this machine


What kind of tools do the machines equip?

A5000A says:

is this the smd router ?

fishyman 908 says:

What is the difference between this machine and the smartshop 2?

Roland Jollivet says:

It always amazes me that people don't put bellows on linear rails and ballscrews. It's engineering 101. Any professional machine has covers… I have a Japanese machine that is over 30yrs old. Lift the covers and the rails look brand new

Jay Bates says:

How much does the 4×8 run?

Doğan YILMAZ says:

basic chinese cnc structure 😀

fender s says:

WOW 4×4 for 46k i have one i built for 3 k can do all the same stuff but tool change……WAY OVER PRICED….

medicineman007 says:

What is happening @ 6:17 during the tool change? Misalignment?

La Radio du Cosmos says:

mon boss va-t-il vouloir m'en acheter une ? histoire à suivre …. je travaille sur un swift 4X4 et je fais de la magie(selon certain … moi je suis sure que je fais juste de l'usinage .. mais bon) j'ai sortie des 3D dans le renshape … pas besoin de sablage et le modèle avait besoin d'un fini mirroir, j'ai couper 1/64 en … en 5 …ca donne une fraction bizz ^^ tout ca pour dire mon mécano qui change tout les berring et strap anuellement serait pas content mais ……. tool changer, table à vacuum de serie, le controlleur richAuto "avance" en format 4X4 … j'en parle à mon boss c'est sure ! pas à mon mécano ^^^

le jeffe says:

Ill post videos of the one we got.

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