The best welding machine in the world. You won't want to die without seeing this.

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The best welding machine in the world. You won’t want to die without seeing this.

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Brett Francis says:

Would have been better if the first guy could actually weld.

Fernando Dorantes says:

Yo quiero una maquina como la concigo señores

official26zz says:

you’d be better off soldering if you weld like that

knobsdialsandbuttons says:

Impressive machines 👍

Scott Weinberg says:

The title has nothing to do with the video, but someone thought they were clever!

Ahmad Alhaijah says:

I need one please give me the name of this machine

Carlos Souza says:

E qual é a marca e modelo, onde compra e o preço? 🤦🏻

Sefik Dinc says:

Bu makinaların ismi cismi yokmu ? Ne saçma bir paylaşım bu ?

Bob Bauvian says:

there is no penetration.

jay says:

love to know what the audio is and where to get it…

f marz says:

That was a was't of time…

Castor Equipamiento says:

Tig arco pulsado

Debi Prasad Anchal says:

Don't buy GREAT YUVA machine.
Very pathetic service and company.
Ek bar kharido bar bar ansu bahaoo

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