The Cheapest CNC Router on Amazon

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This is the cheapest CNC router on Amazon. Is it any good? What can it do? Watch to the end where I make a cool project!

Check out the exact router I tested here:

🎥 What to Watch Next: Is this laser any good?

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Andy Bird Builds says:

You totally should watch this next!

Tall Dave says:

They probably 3D printed the master and made a mold of it to mold inject it

RJW says:

yo, this what it's all about, sharing knowledge so any organism on earth can benefit, and most importantly, keep on improving the genome code>

Lonnie Harger says:

Now, the real challenge, scour the internet and find that SAME CNC machine, MADE IN AMERICA for the SAME PRICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m waiting……………………………….

Dave J says:

I have a 3D printer and I have solid model software, What software are you running for the little CNC? I need a GRBL converter.

Jack Cann says:

Material looks like delrin

Ja Nee says:

Try the sculpfun s9 laser cutter
Bought one myself , still somewhere in transit .

Ryan Dubyah! says:

I’d assume those ‘plasticy’ pieces are made of either PVC or ABS plastic. Might be wrong there but that’s just my suggestion.

Eric Smith says:

This was pretty interesting. Do you have any recommendations for a relatively affordable cnc that you can cut things on?

Cobra says:

so it is not router but engraver

Gary DeRuiter says:

What does it cost for software to run it as far as being able to engrave

Mathew Ward says:

Reminds me of my $150 3D printer I bought a few years ago. In the end a great way to learn CNC and modeling for next to no outlay of hard cash. If you learn the code and make slow, cheap upgrades using the machine to rebuild itself, it is better than a book to get into the game. Plus it is the coolest thing in the world to see it move for thew first time!

Danny Cypher says:

Could it be for safety, why they don’t turn on automatically? Given that they’re bigger.

T-MăL says:

I've been a CNC machinist (steel, aluminum, nylon) over 10 years now and I'm interested in getting into CNC routers. Would you still recommend something like this to me? Or would I be okay starting off with a higher price CNC router?

Nicholas Halderman says:

It's very cool that it works at all. Could you test using it to make a PCB? That seems like a potentially useful scenario for a machine with otherwise pretty limited utility.

prodius613 says:

i have had a 1610 for a few years now. i have used it to cut 7mm bamboo and 4mm acrylic. It is a very capable little machine. As long as its wood that your working with.

shermandtank says:

most likely the codes for starting spindle and stopping spindle are missing in the G-Code for larger machines

bootmenow says:

Would you recommend the upgraded version with the stand alone controller? It's not much more

aaron elsey says:

The bigger one can you can manually add the Gcode to them to make them shut off everytime.

Jeffery Coleman says:

I am also a machinist, would love to build my own, but lacking the resources at this time. Maybe I purchase one of reasonable ability and cost!

Jeffery Coleman says:

I do want to get my foot in the door on CNC routers. I'm open to your suggestions. I do small to moderate woodworking projects. Thanks!

Jeffery Coleman says:

Thanks for the video. I'd like to find something a little bigger? Maybe a great deal on a grand? If you are up to it? Thanks again! Love your channel!

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