The Cheapest Laser Engraver On Amazon

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What is the cheapest laser engraver on Amazon capable of? Does it work? Will it cut? In this video, I put this laser engraving machine through all kinds of tests!

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Laser Engraver –
Alternate Laser –


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Andy Bird Builds says:

Check out the Cheapest CNC router review right here!

Ron Griggs says:

I am wanting to do some inlay work using 1/8", 1/4 or 3/8' dense foam. Will this laser cut up tp 3/8". I want to cut letter and other shapes so I can do Rapid Set concrete projects with inlays.

Michael Kress says:

5 to 10,000 hours on the laser.. question what’s the power of that particular laser.. Some R-rated strictly by the wattage 1,2,3,4 ,5-20,40 watt and some light the optical power which is described as being lower than there’s a focal point wattage.. And they usually upgrade with different control board and there’s a lot of software out there available . Perhaps better Stepper motors..

peter8488 says:

Only 2 months and 'sold out' in Amazon.

Ross Potts says:

Are engravers like these powerful enough to engrave metal?

Danger Dane says:

How about steel etc is a cnc engraver better for that?

Gary Arsenault says:

What]s a good laser to get around 500.oo

Ryan Lauren says:

@ 7:35 R.I.P Patrick

jimmi henry says:

Is it running GRBL???

stevematt89 says:

You can cut 1-3mm birch/mdf if you run multiple passes instead of one slow pass.

Devin Roundy says:

I love how 99% of these "cheapest item on amazon" videos never are an item you can actually buy for that price. Great video and product, just wish I could buy it for that price.

The SFC: Sony Phone and PC Hardware Channel says:

One test you missed……….CAN it engrave upon a painted surface?

Too Many Hobbies says:

If you trace the same pattern over and over would it get deeper? And possibly be a solution to cut without burning?

MadPaperPeople says:

metals dog tags?

Fernando Marcano says:

Have you try on different type of metals? Paint steel vs raw steel? I’m tracking the reflection and surface factor but I still would like to try. Thanks

N. R. says:

unfortunately „unavailable“…..

MrRj600rr says:

Thank you YouTube algorithm

Elementis Regamus Proelium says:

Can you engrave chrome tool's?
Such as names?

DanceTweety Looney Tune says:

Does it work on glass?

Patrick Houchins says:

Can it do metal

k b says:

i woudltn trust the glasses that come with it.. but thats just me haha..

Mars Oz says:

?? $300? Maybe

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