The First Five Tools For Metal Working & Fabrication

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In this video I list the first 5 tools that I would buy to get started in metal fabrication and welding. This isn’t necessarily a bare minimum but it is close!

Rocket Stove Build Plans:
Rocket Stove Video:

Defiant Metal Welding Gloves:

TikTok @defiantmetal:

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Electric Grinder/Cuttoff:
Electric Drill:
Pneumatic Angle Grinder:
Pneumatic Cutoff:
Defiant Metal TIG Gloves:
TIG Welder (Newest version):
Welding Helmet (Newer version):
Air Compressor:
Better Air Compressor:
Blue Demon ER312 Tig Welding Rod:


Joe Olejar says:

I've been stick welding with an inverter box that can run on dual voltage. Just starting TIG with a lunchbox inverter unit that also is dual voltage. Surprised that the TIG unit, sub $200, has HF start. I'm starting to get good at resharpening tungstens. 🙂

Andrew Fetterolf says:

Next one woud be time and patience enough to build machine tools starting with a lathe, then drill press, and mill. Made by hand in the shop with your simple tools and hard work and finely honed building skills anythung is possible

Babar Mahar says:

hello sir need drain for interview

Mark Lewis says:

Hey Justin, I was wondering how someone even starts learning about metal working? I was looking at using my G.I. Bill to go to welding school, but that seems like major projects. I’m just wanting to make metal art combined with wood. Any recommendations would be much appreciated!

Chuck Rock says:

Take this with a grain of salt, people…

Kevin Mullins says:

I've got three 4.5in angle grinders 1 has a cut off wheel another has a knotted wire wheel and the third has a grinding wheel so no swapping out disks.

jay says:

I'm a welder fabricator from the UK 🇬🇧 you Americans always seem to use cut off wheels and grinders without the safety guard on! I'm not talking about the air grinders as I know they're made to get in tight and difficult spaces! But if that cut off wheel bursts or bites the you're hands or face will take every bit of that wheel at 5000rpm!!

riv commons says:

järvenpää tuomas

gina farducci says:

Harbor Freight has the tools a lot cheaper than Amazon. I've been a weldor / fabricator since 1972 and never had a problem with Harbor Freight tools.

The Man's Kitchen says:

I have a project car so I just got my 1st welder. Canadian Tire special. $649 on sale for $225. 110V mog/flux core.

Dom Kabas on Cars says:

Hey Justin, enjoying your videos. From your experience, what's the minimum thinness of the metal for the TIG welding workbench top should be? I see yours isn't that thick which indeed should get manufacturing way less complicated.

Santiago Junca says:

How about clamps?

Jefté Santiago says:

Which die angle grinder do you recommend the most to pull out some rust from a lathe, the 2” or 3” one? Thanks for all your work, it is appreciated.

johnprim says:

Informative! Thanks

zebby264 says:

A Tig welder should not even be in the conversation for a newbie just starting out. How about a vice???

Dave3000 says:

Enroll into a local union sheetmetal apprenticeship first and foremost! That will teach you HOW to use all these tools! You are putting the cart before the horse.

TurntUpGamer says:

Dang I wish you had the links in the description

Trailer Frame Productions says:

Love your videos, great presentation, clear and concise.

83 MetalCraft LLC says:

Tape measure, grinder, digital t bevel , level, table

Tony Gombas says:

Great 👍 vidéo Justin you explained professionally

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