The Latest Multitools an Electrician Should Have – Part 1 of 2

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Y’all have to check out these new Klein multitools!!! If you’re like me and you like to use combination tools, this episode is for you!!!


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Craig Caine says:

I love the Klein multi's!

Toby Gibbes says:

"stubbies are great". not in new zealand. they are very short shorts. they don't really look too nice.

LivingGood_Fitness says:

Have you tried the new version of the nut driver? It's way slimmer and not as heavy. Pros and cons with it of course.

csimet says:

I'd add the Klein 7-in-1 Flip Socket (32900-4 or 32900-5) to the list… it works with those adjustable length screwdrivers to make a nice all-in-one carry option. All three are also impact rated and the shaft can be used in your drill/driver. Another multitool screwdriver always in my bag… a Wiha 38051 insulated driver with bits.

Rylan says:

Love this stuff. You're killing it

xuav Rice says:

The difficulty of getting some of screwdrivers apart is no joke. The day after I got my 11 in 1 magnetic Klein there was one point I literally could not get the big piece out of the handle.

IAP6647 says:

The extended reach driver is the way to go. The standard reach driver is like using a child’s toy after working with the extended reach.


Excuse the "you failed to mention comment"… just meant it needed to be mentioned.. you didnt fail…. thanks for your channel, its great!!!


Dude……the most used hex size for electricians is 5/16"….. you failed to mention that the adjustable length screwdrivers (regular and stubby) both dont have a 5/16".

Paddy says:

I'm pretty sure I have the only $80 Klein 11-in-1. I have a hard time trying to NOT lose the bits and have to keep buying more.

Bradley Anderson says:

Didn’t mention the reamer…

Sean Ager says:

There are so many "That's what she said" opportunities in this video. Awsome video though.

vincent vincent says:

i want a power drill that carrys bits in it or around it. i use my drill to do most actions im so lazy i reccomend it for most jobs that dont worry u about stripping

D S says:

It'll loosen up once you work the balls and the shaft enough.

betz999 says:

I love my MAG 11 in 1.

As for strippers, I prefer klein 1010s

Handy Tard says:

Dont show me this shit, I have a weak spot for impulse tool purchases.

Marcel Germann says:

The adjustable length screwdriver is cool. Got that one too, and it holds standard 1/4" bits. So replaced the ones I don't need (Robertson and Xeno) with Pozidriv. And you can remove the shaft and put it in your screwgun, it's actually rated to use it in an impact driver.

Chris Fyfe says:

Good thread . I use a lot of multi drivers . I started back in the eighties with Snap On 1/4” hex ratcheting drivers , plus a 1/4” hex multibit stubby ! The above + a couple terminal drivers did about 95% of my actual work . More recently , I went to PB Swiss , Wera , and Whia . The Whia 14 in 1 stubby , the 26 in 1 , and their two multibit VDE rated driver , their slimline stubby ( VDE rated ) , is a total ass kicker , in tight spots . I used Klein multibit stuff for years , and have gifted a shit load of them to helpers and newbies ! They are also superb back ups !

e marr3 says:

I resisted these Kleins for a long time bc most r made in Taiwan. I'll pay extra for Made in America. I looked at Ideal & the only 1 I cld find made in USA was a screwdriver set that came w/ 30 bits.That being said, I bought some of these bc 1) They r made in Taiwan not PRC; 2) I like the thought that went into the design. The collet design allows the bits to be used in a power drill(something u never mentioned & was the reason I came into Klein's ecosystem); 3) The combo of rare earth magnets & springs where a magnet doesn't work. It's all very well thought out. Evenso, I didn't buy them for electrical work!!. I bought for an emergency compact tool stash in my vehicles. It surprises me how these r not insulated.  Klein makes tools primarily for the electrical trade & they were late to party on insulated tools?! I bought mostly Knipex & some Wiha bc of this a couple of yrs back. I'm not against quality foreign made. I'm against Globalization & what it has done to our working families & national security. German made tools have to come from Germany, Japanese tools have to come from Japan,  & American tools have to come from America. We need to stop this madness in all aspects!! Japanese tools made in China? Lumber that get shipped to China & return to us. Pork in a cargo hold of ship bound for Walmart, & it goes on & on.

Rodney Bennett says:

Gotta work on your pull out game bro😉

shakenbaked3 says:

Really disappointed in the Kline 11-N-1. Have been using the 1/4" nut driver a lot in the last couple of weeks. I've gone through 3 of them because the nut driver section distorts!! What happened to the Kline quality that we pay extra for??

Kedrick Johnson says:

I work for the guy that invented the multi screwdriver.he invented it when he was 12 years old in and then he sold it to hardware Hank and now they’re Everywhere.The original prototype he had is A drilled out file Handle with two screwdrivers welded together end to end. it’s up in the front entrance in a display case.

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