The Plumbing Tools I Carry Into EVERY Job I Go On…

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Experienced plumbers like me usually have multiple tool bags. Tool bags for soldering, tool bags for repipes, and tool bags for going into a customer’s house. Today I’ll talk about some of the different tool bags I have, and what tools I carry into them!

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Thanks for watching! I’m Roger Wakefield, LEED AP, The Expert Plumber and welcome to my channel. On this channel I teach homeowners how to save money on their plumbing by doing DIY plumbing projects. I also teach plumbers and plumbing company owners how to be the best plumbers in their area and run successful plumbing businesses. My goal is teach you everything you need to know about plumbing.

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Roger Wakefield says:

What tool bags do you have and what are they used for?

Andrew Neuhardt says:

Don’t forget your 9mm

larrytheplumber says:

I use a bucket body for my go bag ?

Otis Bigsby says:

So essentially this video was a big ad for Ferguson and their Chinese tools hahaha.

Eddie Bonilla says:

I did not expect a Ferguson tool box. I currently work there and I love helping a trade community.

Donny Elbaz says:

Damn that’s all that’s in your bag !!

philackey says:

??? You don't use a B-tank on on your garbage disposals?

D. Sack 2 says:

I have 3 bags. My first bag is my everyday bag. My metal bag for doing duct work. And lastly a bag that's dedicated to my Diablo and Milwaukee bits.

Turkos Van Leeuwen says:

I need this go bag

Victor Reyes says:

I keep a 16” bag with all the tools I need to perform basic service calls: from swapping toilets, replacing angle stops, drain cleaning, etc. A small tool pouch I can put on my belt with 10” channel locks, 8” adjustable scanner, 11in1 screwdriver, small floodlight, utility knife, and a leatherman to go into a house with to determine if I need to wheel in my service cart. I keep a small tote bag with all of the tools I need for soldering. Dirty bucket, pans, a bucket with clean rags, drop cloths, booties, gloves, and cleaning chemicals, and hand sanitizer. I also keep a large tote with items I use specifically for demo.

Adam says:

As a painter I've got a go "bucket". it's a 5 gal with a HUSKY brand tool caddy insert. Popular among lineman, but when I switched career paths, I kept the same interests.

Cigar Boss says:

Definitely nice. I’m an apprentice plumber. One of my CFTs isn’t just like that, old rusty dirty tools, never cleans them after using them on jobs and is never prepared for the job. Constantly running me back in forth to the truck to get tools or parts that he should already have in his bag. Uniform is a mess, van is a mess but he’s a master plumber. Great working knowledge but no professionalism

DJ Anthony Alvarez says:

I just bought my milwaukee backpack from depot! It's pretty solid I haven't started working yet 🤣😭 I use it as an electrician apprentice! But also i have some hvac lineset tools in it

Aqua Boss says:

Anyone know where to find them flashy green gloves

Aqua Boss says:

Tool rolls are the best 4-6 removable zippered bags. Compacts down nice in a roll with a handle. Take the whole roll in or it can be stung on the back ov your vehicle seat and just peel off the bag you need for that stop. Atleast for smaller things not hammers. But wrenches screwdrivers nut drivers wire cutters or pipe cleaners ect.

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