The RIGHT Way to Choose Your First CNC Machine

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Jaime needs to choose a CNC Machine to start a business, and Bob shows her exactly how to go about it.

CNC Router Buyer’s Guide:


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Rob Baker says:

Ok Bob and Jaime. I'm liking the topics/interest categories… keep up feeding us, but a critique on the tech side… maybe get some help tuning your audio? Sounds like you are filming in a jail cell.

Compass Precision says:

Very informative video. Will be checking out more on your channel 🙂

Tyvan Bor says:

Creality Ender 3 v2 (under $300), then build a M(ostly)P(rinted)CNC (under $500). Build and running in under 3 weeks in my spare time.

JustMusing says:

Went through this same process over the last two years. Learned a lot using an X-carve by Inventables. Now upgrading from a hobby unit to one by StepCraft.

gizmo bowen says:

I'm really interested in learning what she plans to do with her CNC. I had a great time building mine but didn't really have a use in mind when I built it. The build was pretty satisfying but now I've got a tool and I need to figure out what to do with it. My initial thoughts are taking advantage of its unique abilities compared to other woodworking tools. I can make most things faster and easier using traditional methods, so I expect I'll use the CNC for specialty operations like carving/engraving and sign making.

Betty ACOSTA says:

I liked and subscribed.

Betty ACOSTA says:

And you have amazing people skills and great at networking.

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