The Ultimate Desktop CNC Router Comparison – Which Should You Buy?

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I compare the X-carve, Shapeoko, and Onefinity desktop CNC routers from the angle of looking to purchase your first CNC. All the information comes from the respective brand’s websites, just as you would find if you went to the websites on your own. I give my thoughts on the information we find.


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X-Carve – 1:01
Shapeoko – 9:11
Onefinity – 17:15

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I just bought a 4×8 cutting surface cnc from Bobscnc for 1500, @Andy Bird Builds you should take a look at the "Evolution 5".

Kristopher kiliadis says:

Do you think all three of these would be okay cutting alliminum and copper?

Benjamin Engh says:

You should do another one of these and include the Stepcraft in the line up.

18magicMARKer says:

software is a non-factor…fusion 360 is free

Scott Morris says:

I ordered a OneFinity, with the idea of the 6-8 week wait time, to spend the time with vCarve. Thanks for the confirming information.

Harry Shaw says:

Before you gave us your opinion I had already picket the One infinity. I believe that it is held down by screws and you have to screw the unit down by screwing down the screws on the inside first I think the outside screw holes at the feet on the outside are at an angle that would cause the leg to push or pull the unit "OUT OF SQUARE" . I wished you had included the Longmill in this comparison. I purchased a CNC from Vevor which was a disaster. No support, no operation manual. So I'm stuck with something I know nothing about, now it cost me $895 plus shipping and they reimbursed me a small amount and I keep the cnc which is will be for sale pre-assembled.

mysticswordsman says:

Thank you for doing this! It makes it easier to know what to do and how to rate/ judge on what would be the best way to purchase a CNC.

Swat3Four says:

As a guy with industrial maintenance experience, I’ll say that I’d rather deal with belts than ball screws, especially from a “average user” standpoint. Ball screws ARE more rigid and CAN be more accurate but they will require more attention. In a factory I worked in, our panel drilling machine used compressed air nozzles to keep wood dust off the ball screws; this isn’t a good idea for a small shop owner who would be relegated to manually brushing the screws from time to time. A dry silicone based lubricant is also a good idea for them so you’ll add some extra supplies.
As for belts. I’ve witnessed belt-driven machines tear apart their own steel and aluminum structures and smash through safety fences. The Shapeoko 15mm wide belt is an impressive upgrade as far as strength and rigidity goes. You’ll handily snap a bit before damaging the belts and get great resolution in your cuts with them. I’m a breath away from diving into a CNC table and I think the Shapeoko is becoming a clear front-runner in my opinion.

Thanks for making this video, it really puts the important info together as it needs to be shown.

Keegls808 says:

None of these. Cnc4newbie for cost rigidity and cutting size.

Tony Bankston says:

Can I use a Laser with the 1F? I see the longmill does. I would like to see a comparison with the longmill. The price looks very competitive and you can have up to a 4ft table

John Ortiz says:

But the x carve upgrade adds acrylic peices to stiffen up everything! Pfff, man the z axis upgrade is so massive I feel like it's too much for the x axis to carry, along with the stupid red dead redemption wheel thing.
And the Onefinity doesnt need a drag chain I dont think, they have pigtail wiring

Mike Van Valkenburg says:

Has anyone used the Shapeoko 4 to cut leather?

Clear Cut says:

Longmill MK2 not getting any love…

Patrick H Frazier says:

Very very good video. Thank you.

Ken Preston says:

What about Nextwave cnc machines

JarppaGuru says:

more you safe to get one of these more they price is and you see latest and best was not best after all and still not full ballskrew and linears and it wont cost 2000 frame. everyone allready have all gadgets drivers some spindle even arduino controlling it. yes im talking chinese parts. ballskrews better than any belt

Moonless says:

I really want the Onefinity, but it doesn't seem complete enough for me. I run CNC machines as a day job and want to go into business for myself so I can hold up the middle finger to my overlords. The Shapeoko seems the most complete to me with the best interface and support. I don't care to tinker and fight with machines, I want to run them. The Shapeoko seems to fit that bill. X carve just looks to be an inferior version. I just wish the Shapeoko had a 48 inch version.

Austin JT says:

Hi… do you offer any Online Class for any newbie who want to use CNC?
I want one so bad… but I can't find any lesson online…. and don't know where to start or how to operate one.

JP M_nt_i says:

Last year, I got the OneFinity X35 on a QCW table. This thing is an absolute rock solid beast! Yeah, it's backordered but well worth the wait. I went with VCarve Pro for the CAD/CAM and had it it up and running and carving within two hours. I used 1" MDF for the waist-board. It's done everything I've asked it to.

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