The Ultimate Desktop Laser Cutter Engraver The XTool D1

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I used to think most diode lasers were just glorified toys especially conpared to my big expensive co2 lasers, but the XTool D1 changed my mind with their new diode technology giving more power then I thought possible. co2 Lasers better watch out cause this thing packs a powerful punch.

My Big Co2 Laser review

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Dungeon Chunks says:

​Hi can the XTool D1 cut 12mm MDF


Narxi qancha buni


Juda ajoyib

Jere Moore says:

Great video, except… what was the bird material, how thick, and did you cut with the D1?

Timothy White says:

Really would like to see what the 20W laser will be able to cut.

Lauren Roth says:

Great video! Will this engrave on regular rocks? Like garden stones?

brian davis says:

I make custom pens. Would this be able to engrave wood pens. Love your videos btw.

I Unbox Stuff says:

Hello, nice reviews. Quick question regarding the stainless steel, is the marking permanent or fade after a wash?

ParkersTreasures Com says:

What marking spray did you use for the stainless?

Abner Olea says:

Can cut acrylic, how much is the max depth,?
Where to buy that thing?

constantinos schinas says:

"They "even" provide an allen tool". So amazing.

Art By Caffeine says:

Do you need anything besides the software for laserbox? do you need an attachment

Daniel Galyean says:

Really cool device! Really important on the extracting smoke/fume/particles. The company I work for makes those extraction units for lasers. That would be cool to do a demo together.

Nicole LaMarca says:

Does this work on acrylic at all? Looking for a cutter for cake toppers, drink stirrers etc all acrylic items.

Ragingseaturtle says:

How thick was the acrylic you tried to cut? I thought it lists it can cut up to 5mm on the website?

profounddevices says:

hello, on diode lasers clear acrylic does not absorb the 405nm wavelength vey much. so use colored blackacrylic or black delrin materials for example. co2 lasers are deep into IR range about 10000nm and most of energy is absorbed as acrylic absorbs most of this frequency.

Bloom boof says:

Hi, did u try on clear & light color of acrylic?

David Ward says:

I'm interested in using a laser to do inlays on guitar necks. The fretboards are hardwoods such as maple, rosewood or ebony. Although they are harder than the birch you tested, the cut only needs to be about 1.2 mm deep. Do you think this laser could do that? Would still be acceptable if it took more than one pass. Reasonably sure it would cut the mother of pearl or abalone fine but not sure about the hardwoods. If you get a chance, test a piece of hardwood. Thanks for the vid!

hph081000 says:

Can this cut foam?

Donaciano C. Sandoval says:

i bought it during pre-release, and my packaging was garbage. glad to see they've upped the ante.

Xanthis Arljan says:

I'm interested in this for a few applications, how deep can it it go into aluminum and steel? Also, how well does it retain image quality on uneven/rougher surfaces?

Sirhc Yaj says:

Hi – thank you for sharing this video. I’m looking to get something like this to engrave race medals, can this work for that purpose? Can you do a sample if possible?

Dennis Sutherland says:

How big of a table or work area would you suggest using this lazer?

Arlisa7 says:

478!?? 🥰 howdy neighbor!

The Watch Mission says:

I live in an apartment, can i use this indoors?

DuGStp says:

Was this a paid review or did you receive the engraver for free from the company?

E Y says:

Thank you for the video…great review. Do they make a laser that will engrave stainless steel or other metals?


can it cut stainless steel?

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