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Nothing too crazy about this one, the walk in cooler had a leak.


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Lua says:

Good to see you have st least one extra pair of hands for jobs like this.

ciro says:

@4:56 "we cant put it into a vacuum because we are going to be reusing the refrigerant" what do you mean? like there's no point?
not a tech just wanna learn

DashCamAndy says:

I'm pretty sure I remember the video where you changed that receiver. I'm surprised it failed so soon, that's a bit ridiculous in my opinion.

alskee2010 says:

Without burning me 🤣

AG says:

I usually just put in a female flare fitting filter drier as well depending on the situation no point putting it if it’s only you working on the unit good video Chris 👍

AG says:

19:45 it’s on the inlet side of the recovery unit. If you open twist the knob it’s inside the fitting.

Lach says:

Why do you cool with oxygen instead of the hydrocarbon gas? It seems like a reducing atmosphere would be better…

Troy Belding says:

Politeness is a given, respect is earned. When I'm polite to start, and the other party is rude, that means that I won't even try to have respect for them, and I no longer need to disguise my feelings with politeness. It doesn't necessarily mean epithets, but blunt speaking becomes the norm.

Mario Perez says:

An intelligent person learns from his mistakes,a wise person learns from other peoples mistakes.

The Project says:

You always talk about keeping your ears open when on the roof and not wear headphones, but I noticed you seem to be using those Aftershokz bone conduction headset with the boom mic. What's your opinion on those? Does it being open ear mean you can hear equipment noises clearly enough?

Paul Silver says:

Charging old gas through a fresh drier is a good thing to do. Extra cost I know but beneficial

Kenneth Lobo says:

Thank U for this video, love your confidence

StarFrost says:

I have to say I am thankful that these videos came out of nowhere for me. After about a month or so of watching through these videos nonstop, I now have a big desire to work as a HVAC-R technician and also learned how I can be a better person.

Thank you Chris for allowing these videos to be public even if they were originally meant for your employees. You've inspired me greatly haha

john bennett says:

Everybody makes mistakes no harm done

Andrew Haverson says:

I was just going to joke that he used a voice double at the worksites (because we typically wouldn't see him on camera). There goes that one, I guess 😜
Thanks for doing what you do and sharing some of it with the rest of us!

Kevin Dees says:

The older Appion had a strainer on the inlet, I just bought a G5 this year and it has a strainer on both inlet and outlet.

Dale Marr says:

WOW, Chris. The 1st time I've ever heard you said "silver solder" Which is finally correct the term
. Have you ever actually done "brazing" with an actual brass brazing rod.

Ruben Gonzalez says:

“Stop spending all my silver” 😂

Steelo D says:

I've heard that when nitrogen tanks when are not depleted fully before charging something else with it it will cause it to sometimes condense moisture inside happens at manufacturing

davejohnsonnola says:

The POV coaching while brazing was a good vid spot.

Bryan Harayda says:

I’m a service manager where I work and I send my guys these videos! Great stuff man! I appreciate what you do and I can relate to all of it. We also do a lot of restaurants and that is an interesting aspect to HVAC/R. Not to mention funeral homes, we do a lot of the refrigeration for funeral homes where I live, and to be sure, we work around dead bodies in a cooler. Love this trade and love this channel! Keep up the great work!

Travis Ellis says:

There's a strainer that can be changed on the fieldpiece and appion.

Mathew Russell says:

What about the compressor frosting up next to that one?

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