The World's Largest Bevel Gear CNC Machine- Modern Gear Production Line. Steel Wheel Manufacturing

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The World’s Largest Bevel Gear CNC Machine- Modern Gear Production Line. Steel Wheel Manufacturing
0:07. The seamless rolled ring forging process
3:06. Gear Machining and measurement
4:50.Gear Manufacturing Line
7:00. The bevel gear manufacturing
9:29. Steel wheel manufacturing
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SteveXNYCPerformance says:

Hot iron is gold

amigator says:

Funny thing, when during watching the video you are wondering from which country is it, betting it's some german company, and out of nowhere at 3:30 you see computer screen in your native language 🙂 So, if you are wondering too – it's a czech company.

mgmcd1 says:

It’s all about the precision of the stepping motors running these automated processes. How about a video on those?

สนิท ไพรเตี้ย สุทัศน์ ไพรเตื้ย says:


William Rogers says:

Круто толкько омерзительная реклама надоедает

Ha Ha says:

Baby kingDom ចង់ចេះ នឹងចង់បានរោងចក្រ ទំនើប បែបចឹង

เวลา บุตรพรม says:


Hữu Toàn 911 TV says:

Thanks for sharing this video!

Truck Care TV says:

Good wark 👍👍👍

Stuart Barriskell says:

Forget the components, who the fuck makes these machines, …wow 👌

Andyguy says:

Some say this is where Sauron forged the one Ring !

Matias Diaz Duran says:

How many pulls can you do with that on a hellcat before it explodes ?

박대영 says:

대한민국나라 노동시간 세계 1위 아니던가 대한민국나라 현실이다

박대영 says:

이령초등학교 윤은실 3학년 짝꿍 옛 친구 시경 국풍의 관관저구의 코스모스 한 구절이다 구룩구룩 물수리는 덕촌마을 강가 섬에 있도다 요조숙녀는 군자의 좋은 짝이로다 들쭉날쭉한 마름풀을 이리저리 헤치면서 요조숙녀를 자나깨나 옛 친구 짝꿍 찾는구나 구하여도 얻지 못하니 자나깨나 윤은실 생각하구나 생각하고 또 생각하여 이리저리 뒤척이는구나 옛 친구 아름다운 여인을 그리워하여 잠을 이루지 못하는 것을 눈 안에 들어오고 마음이 고요하니 여울물 소리 선명하네 이승 저승 갈린 길 생각하니 잠자리가 편안치 못하도다 그리고 예 이령초등학교 윤은실 첫사랑입니다 예 많이 도와주세 예💗💓💞💕💙💙💙👩‍❤‍💋‍👨

Carl Nuni says:

Stop adding sound effects..they are annoying & inaccurate ..

kiss peter says:

The forbidden Cheese

Arthur Daily says:

An engineering marvel.

하라라 says:

자동화는 놀라운기술발전이지만 저걸로인해서 기술자들이사라진다는 무서운 세상

Timothy Whieldon says:

not even close to the largest in the world. BTP showed one they were milling nearly twice as large.

track id says:

this is music

Bob Smith says:

Some craftsmanship that

John Doe says:

the trebd line is rapidly going towards simple single speed transmissions as the world is going electric. ev are so much simpler to manufacture!

Josh B says:

Hey running the same 2 second sound Loop for minutes on end is excessively obnoxious

malcolm anderson says:

We can watch this video and remember what Germany used to be like before the Greens,

ducksoup2007 says:

Where was this made

L Wo says:

This was so hard to follow

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