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tools that every Electrician needs and will male your life so much easier

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N Sheehy says:

What brand are the screwdrivers?

Kick your face And laugh says:

I’m just a framer but I admire all the hand tools y’all get to use on a daily basis. Me just a saw and nail gun 😂

Mircea Iancu says:

The velocity organiser you have in the van beats any organiser on the market.

Jarrad Rumbold says:

Have any of these tools been used? 🤣😂

Owen Crawford says:

Also I use everything ck and wylex I’ve been told a lot of knipex stuff hasn’t been the best of quality for the price as it’s not even much more cheaper, I know ck and Wylex are that tiny bit more expensive but totally think it’s worth it, I mean I’m open to saving money but only if it’s quality stuff so I’d like some advice

Owen Crawford says:

When you say the knipex flex stripper will do sheathing for armoured do you mean the internal sheathing around the cores underneath the steel protection or do you mean the outer sheathing mate? What size cable do they strip up to? Also how much and where did you get your bag from mate? Sorry for all the questions🤦🏼‍♂️🤣

ToolBoy says:

Nice recommendation!

Mike English says:

Good vid 👍

Uroš Karanović says:

Dude , send me your tools from junk and i will be the best equipt electrician in Bosnia and Hercegovina 🤭

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