This is Why Heat Pumps May NOT Be The Future

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Heat pumps explained. Roger rants about air source heat pump disadvantages, the green homes grant, types of heat pumps and asks are heat pumps worth it?

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Skill Builder says:

This is a heat pump installation company that isn't afraid of the truth

Colin Martin says:

That 11bn could have been spent on my pension, to far better result. Has anyone seen the size of the rads needed for heat pumps? It will be along time before I sacrifice my living space for all this rubbish. Heat pumps are the new double glazing, lookout for cowboys.

R. M. says:

Heat pump, its so good it needs the help of your national grid electricity, (expensive) to heat up your water. You couldn't make this crap up. Are the people that got the government billions the same company that sold London Bridge for scrap metal, (villains).

zany175 says:

I'm new here, but please dont stop with your effort. I truly believe that many will get their pockets ripped. But for those like me it gives a lot of sense to install a heat pump. Yes, I´m talking about real thoughtful instalations. Combination with solar energy, big ass water tank and high prices on gas/electricity. In these cases, heat pumps are lovely from my perspective. In opposite cases, yes I agree that's yours and salesman resposibility

Bob Woodward says:

Heat Pumps use 4x less energy than electric if you connect them to a ground loop system. Even in the coldest weather the deep underground stays warm.

innomi natum says:

The price estimate for my gas this year will be 6000 euros. Mind you, I live by myself in an older house and I barely got any heat on.

The thing is – I could invest in a heat pump but for what money? The price of gas, electricity, petrol and food means that I'm nearly just breaking even. I dont buy things for myself or others. I dont spend money on going out etc. People always ask me why I drive that shit car of mine and that due to my current job I should have a lot of money. I get a fair share in every month, but theyre literally gone the second they hit my account.

Foot Soldier for Flat Earth Truth says:

Its all True!-Costly to run ( I have one) noisy ( don't install it under you bedroom window)-a guy who is not afraid to tell the truth and not just follow the narrative.

That Scar says:

Isn't it a very very very very very good thing that gas prices are increased artificially?
In any case, now they increased naturally.

VanCamelCat says:

Hint to viewer: Look up "Technology Connections Heat Pumps"

simhedges rex says:

You are worried about those homes without cavity walls, and quite right. There are 30 million homes in the UK and 25 million of those have cavity walls, so that's a lot of home that could have heat pumps installed (with some cavity wall insulation, double glazing, draught proof front doors and loft insulation.

assemblywizard8 says:

UK has huge methane leaks everywhere and that is destroying the climate (methane is way worse than CO2), gas going high artificially is good because the cost of using it should take into account this effect on the system. We are facing an existential threat: gas and lack of insulation are one of the main culprit (definitely not true that is just 1% effect as you say)

Basil Jackson says:

I don't get it. Why do I need under floor heat or bigger radiators? If I look at any air cooling in any building they seldom use radiators at all, much less under floor. They cool the air and blow it where they want it. Why can't I do the same thing with warm air? Granted, having radiators means I also have a large tank somewhere which can store heat and I may still need to do that for a cold night or whatever, but at night I have less of a heat demand anyway so the existing radiators ought to be able to handle it. The argument about drafty houses is only partly valid because drafty houses need to be fixed, regardless of heat source. As you said, they have cleaned up gas boilers, but they have also downsized them quite a bit so even if I put in a new gas boiler, I probably need to fix the drafts as well. I agree that heat pumps are not the solution to all problems, but I do think that they should be a part of the mix.

SIC66SIC66 says:

The Ukrainians are clearly in on this scam, letting Russia invade them and increasing gas prices… Them bastards!

Hans J says:

Why would anyone think an old technology is the future? Confusing.
I like them a lot but it's an old technology. In Sweden the first trial version were installed in1948. It became mainstream in the very early 80s.

Andrei Popescu says:

I don't want to help the planet. Fuck the planet!

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