This laser cuts through 2 inch thick STEEL!

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Thanks to Bescutter for sponsoring this video. Go to to learn more about their fiber laser cutters.
I’ve been wanting to see a metal cutting laser for a long time now. So when Bescutter offered to take me to their supplier factory in Jinan, China to see how they make these giant fiber laser cutters, and try one out, I jumped at the opportunity.

See behind the scenes at Strange Parts:

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chinchan9 says:

Dayyyum nice workspace right there

Endrias Argaw says:

The Chinese. +

Paul Powell says:

I'm impressed by the factory.imagine every manufacturing or production factory is like that.very clean environment

Isaac Prosper says:

this is so awesome

ChiSaoMusician says:

Sorry you got trolled by twitter bots. but nice briefcase business card!

GHOST D0G says:

USA sold away all its machining expertise and excellence for a dollar!

Senfeng Group says:

Thanks for sharing our factory and showroom in Qihe, Jinan, welcome to SENFENG again.

PopcornSticker says:

not power, but precision should be a object of flex amongs plotters

Lloyd Dupont says:

I was searching for close up video demonstration laser weapon destructive power but, perhaps for security or secrecy reasons, couldn't find any. But this one gives nice close shot on amazing laser cutting capability! :O

krugtech says:

don't go near those without eye protection. That machine would need to be enclosed in a more responsible country. You are not going to enjoy cumulative and permanent eye damage,

Robocop2015 says:

Those Chinese are so unfunny.

Andrew Kingery says:

Most entertaining comercial I have seen in a long time

Shenzhen Herolaser Equipment Co.,Ltd says:

Hello! We are the manufacturer of laser welding/cutting/cleaning/marking machine, did you need these kinds of equipments in production ?

SY Sublime says:

Hardened tempered armored steel like AR500 AR 1000 I use a water jet to cut it. The laser cutter or plasma softens the edges.

SY Sublime says:

Steel or other hard material over 18mm should be cut with a water jet.

Sadone Design says:

i bought uv machines watching your videos. now i am buying this machines too

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