This new CNC can do things others can't! Check out the amazing Stepcraft M-Series!

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Showing off some of the unique features of the new Stepcraft M.1000 CNC. This CNC is able to cut below its table height which means we can carve a cool design into the top of my workbench. The reason I’m so excited about upgrading to the Stepcraft CNC is the rigidity and all the optional accessories. It’s way more than just your ordinary CNC. Watch the video to see all the cool things this machine can do that others can’t!

You know that beautiful maple top workbench you’ve seen in my videos over the past 3 years? Well it’s time to add some color to it! I inlay some contrasting walnut and use Total Boat’s resin to make it “pop” and fit into the new playful theme of my studio.

★ M.1000 CNC provided by Stepcraft ★

★ Bits Provided by Tools Today ★
1/4″ Up-Cut Router Bit:
1/8″ Down-Cut Router Bit:
Slab Leveler:

★ Epoxy, Pigment and Varnish Provided by Total Boat ★
Total Boat Epoxy Resin:
Epoxy Colored Pigment:
Total Boat Clear Varnish:

★ Workbench Design T-shirt ★

★ TOOLS / SUPPLIES (Affiliate Links)★
Touch Screen Monitor:
Counter Sink Bit wiht Stop:
Composite Nailer:
Composite Finish Nail:

Music by Me:
Patreon Support / Extra Content:
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Curious Skeptic says:

Is 3k too low of a budget to start out? I want point to point cnc for hobby cabinet making. 24" x 48" bed is min. Although, I'd love to see a full 24" x 90" bed for taller cabinets. Any info helpful. The new D series has an option around 3k that fits the bill, but need to understand D series vs the m1000. Why is it cheaper… ?

That Spectrum Guy says:

Is the tool your talking about “plastic trim nails” for pneumatic nailer?

Kumar.... says:

Hm . subtitles should be more big .so that the screen cover fully !

Jeffery Coleman says:

Thanks for the video, I enjoyed it!

Lily. says:

Honestly you and I address this machine the same way 'thingy' 'the thing' 🤣🤣😂

R dB says:

Thanks! You convinced me what to buy 🙂

Jim says:

How much pot did you smoke in the making of this video? 🤣🤣🤣 How many times did you forget to move the dust collector or turn it on? You crack me up bro. Good stuff though! You have me some ideas.

Stephen Dixon says:

Hey, great video – Been ages since I watched one of yours (guess I’d forgotten to subscribe until now 😉) – Some hilarious bits in there, but always love the slightly crazy presentation style. Not sure how long ago you did those, but LOVE the colourful walls you added to the workshop. Are they on individual boards with a shadow gap or something? Anyhow, in case you hadn’t figured this out already (seen as it’s a year ago since you did this video) but you can easily machine a vacuum bed grid using the CNC, rather than buying one. Though (a) depends if you can be arsed to do it, and (b) I guess you may feel you ought to actually buy one from StepCraft seen as they gave you the machine for free to begin with. Look forward to some more content on learning to use the CNC 👍

Tale Gunner says:

Love the composite nailer but at $449 thats out of my range. Now the vacuum hold is a better idea for me.

Tounssi Apple Repair Service Germany says:

Very gooooooooood job

Richard Larson says:

great video! I was already enjoying your struggles with the dust collection, so when you dropped the hand planes in the trash… I nearly spilled my coffee, and I laughed loud enough the dog was offended and left the room!
Nice project to show the machine off. I'm really thinking this may be the machine for my shop. Thanks!

Jose Cabrera says:

Did you cut aluminum? 1/4" thick!

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