This was MUCH harder than I expected… DIY Air Conditioning Pt 1

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Home air conditioning installations are EXPENSIVE. So I’m doing mine myself…

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Mr16Dollars says:

i wish Brian as a full time employee of LTT. just great to have a guy like that around for anything electric

yegfreethinker says:

Must have been a godsend with the heatwave.

Issak Castaeda says:

I’m just here to see the AC guys hate. It looks good though.

Crimnox says:

Brian is such an amazing person to have in these videos that he even has a theme song for Pete's sake!

T_Fich says:

Remember Linus. Always calk your holes

Aarav Gupta says:

1:28 that's nice but not nice

Erich B. says:

Anyone know what kind of trees those are @9:24? They look LUSH. I want them.

Ioan Koka says:

I am not the "safety first" guy, but one day that electrician will make a mistake with that power cutting tool and then he will wish to pay more attention to safety. There are more appropriate tools to cut those. BTW, where i live only teams of at least two persons are accepted for these jobs, sometimes one or both of them do have multiple certifications as hvac and electricity or even natural gas.

JST says:

Yeah, I just installed a 36k senville unit. And they were crazy with their minimum wire requirements, as I too went 8 gauge. Then the unit arrives, and it can take 30 amp minimum fine. The most all 36k capacity in use would take during winter was around 18 amps.

Jacob Fortenberry says:

7:56 Anyone else get reminded of FRIDAY THE 13TH when Linus said that

Tim Proto says:

What did you think of the Brand Senville. I’m looking to install a mini split with the ceiling cassette , just not sure what brand to get.

Cakey says:

Linus selling his house be like: its got good wifi, A/C, and great lighting

shodanxx says:

800$ for two cable and two copper to install a 650$ split heat pump ? Ouf, rich people are getting swindled.

soren777 says:

You shouldn't have showed the front of your house, why you do that Linus? Now freaks are going to come to see you, lol. Next video, "Stop coming to my house!"

Chaos Dragon says:

I forgot Brian the electrician hoards ancient tech..

David Christoffersen says:

I feel like I would be able to learn alot if Brian tought me how to do electric stuff, and I have 10 thumbs but just the way he explain things makes so much sense even for me who knows nothing about the subject, also the gravity magnet trick is litterally genius you could see Brian go "Oh that is smart" as Linus said it.

Ashton Mitch says:

this was a smart move a year before the worst heat wave in bc history

Uborca says:

"You could strip these and hook up in here if you wan't " sounds kinda sus.

PushyPawn says:

I install these every day. Prove me wrong: Show anywhere where you can connect two outdoor MULTI units.
The one larger suction port (1/2 inch) is simply there to accommodate the refrigerant return of a LARGER capacity indoor unit.
The fact that all liquid connections are 1/4 inch just means that it's enough for a LARGER unit and overkill for smaller ones.

Adir Miller says:

13:00 I was like "wow you can still hear linus really well in the roof", I forgot that he had a mic lol

Ding Ding The Youtube Buddy says:

7:13 anyone that turns down that job is an idiot, it is maybe 2 hours to do that, from start to finish. Easiest 200 bucks that guy ever made

Yasha 22 says:

Why you don't buy chiller & combine a water cooler + reservoir in order to maintain a stable temperature

Levi Watson says:

As an actual hvac tech who has installed those types of mini split before. It was fun to see Linus doing something that I knew more about than he does lol.

Christophe Goudezeune says:

The ladder isn’t at the right angle! I would say you’re pretty lucky you didn’t fall at that height! Oh and don’t you need a little roof on top of the conditioner because you know we have snow in Canada

Thomas Myles says:

Yo Linus, Briain is on your side. That guy hooks u up. He's a Ally, get me?

killyourselfbro says:

6666th comment

ljcool17 says:

Over a year later and he's moving to a different home.

Layow says:

Brian looks like a teddybear. A teddybear that would slap you for pulling the cables in the wrong way

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