Three power tools for your hand-tool shop.

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Dewalt Impact Driver:
Drill and Impact as a Kit:
Bosch Low-Vibration Sander:
Dayton Bench Grinder:
Cheap Wen Bench Grinder:
(I do NOT own this grinder, but it looks good for the price.)
Cheap Dewalt Grinder with nice adjustable tool rest:
(I do NOT own this grinder, but I’ve used one at another shop and it worked fine.)

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Devin Mchorse says:

The secret to long thin shavings for me was to get some Japanese planes. Something about pulling rather than pushing helps me.

Montana White says:

I’d vote electric palm nailer, electric hand plane and electric sawsall for any fine woodworking.

Bladen 08 says:

I couldn’t be without a shop vac, I’m to OCD and have to vac and clean as I work.

Josh Alvarado says:

"A hole is a hole" – Rex Krueger

The Alchemist says:

Rex to pay Krieg in Borderland movie!

Charles Brackeen says:

Put a bit driver in a hand brace. Tends to give a good amount of torxe

Duca Schoenberg says:

This time I will do it manually with the help of Woodglut designs.

Allen Whittenbury says:

I'll use hand tools as much as I can but having developed early arthritis in my hands, power tools are a must sometimes

Joseph Archuleta says:

I prefer using a cheap belt sander to sharpen

Mx. Reese says:

I've heard that you shouldn't use a bench grinder on high carbon steel tools because the high RPMs could cause the harder but more brittle metal to shatter. Is that not true (or exaggerated) or are most woodworking blades just not high carbon steel?

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