TOOL – The Pot (Audio)

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N M says:

One of my fave Tools tracks of all time. I was going through some shit with a fukd lawyer at the time and this song just nailed it for me!

Zeid Bitar says:

I don't think its humanly possible to skip this song when it comes on..

ImmortalHerpDerp says:

Tool and its relative A Perfect Circle were my favorite as a teen.

GravelRun says:

I can't get the "Steal, borrow, reefer, save your shady inference" out of my head. The anger and the power in that line.

Havoc1001 says:

It takes a special kind of mind set to truly understand Tool. The complexity of each and every song is magical. Long Live Tool!!

Hugh G Rection says:

Has that reverb before the intro always been there? or is my headset making me deaf?

Josef Adams says:

Tool is the Michael Jordan of Rock

Erich Manion says:

™Kangaroo done hung the guilty with the innocent"-its true, all courts in the US are kangaroo courts where nobody wins against johnny law unless you have shitloads of money, like enough to have the ability to corrupt the judge and jury in your favor, and "liar, lawyer, mirror show me what's the difference" is true too, no lawyer ever is anything but a really highly educated liar that can get away with their lies.

Starting Over says:


Starting Over says:

Honestly this song is not long enough when I listen to this song I generally replay it three times lol so a 15 minute version of this song would be about right

Alexa M says:

god i fucking love this song.

Raven Burns says:

I really miss that weird video man.

Jennifer Guzman says:

Will NEVER get old

David DRK says:

It's telling the nonones to check you're self before…..Dads music what! How old are.. Doesn't matter.

Jimmy Garlon says:

26,000,000 million views, that a lot of clicks.

Chupacabra says:

Danny! FTW!!!

MJ says:

I have a tool song as my ring tone..I work with too many teenagers and the other day one of them says, " umm I think ur phones ringing. That ring tone is awful. Wtf is that and why would u have that " I say, it's TOOL. They continued to be confused n not like it. But it's 46 n 2, and when it rings its the part that says, I've gotta get out of this bullshit, 3 ring circus side show.. I love it…they give me crazy looks everytime they hear me playing music in the office

Count Basie says:

The Captain Beefheart of metal

Global Dünya says:

It's really a very different and impressive song.

littlenige says:

Bass is so FAT. What gear does he use?

Rhonda Johnson says:

What a awesome song…

Michael Sexton says:

What did you jerk offs do with the video for this song? Are you high?

scaarons84 says:

Can't wait to see these guys in concert for the first time in 2 days 😊

Julie D says:

Fans of Alex Gray ?

Aquilla Pelletier says:

My dad's song

Jim Geneser says:


Arden Morgan says:

This song makes me wanna stomp a hole in a wall

Witetrsh Trsh says:

U mustta been High!!

Joseph Decker says:


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