Tools for Cutting Sheet Metal

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These are some of the tools that I use to cut sheet metal. These are all affordable and versatile. For the home shop any one of these would be sufficient for cutting sheet metal. The one exception is the floor shear. For more involved sheet metal projects some will work better than others.


John G says:

Thanks in a million. Great content. Awesome imagination. Grade: A++💥

Craig Gallagher says:

Do you have any suggestions in terms of ideal gauge size for a metal pickguard? I am doing hand-cutting and am basically looking for the gauge easiest to cut organic shapes and a thickness that holds up best for the use in this example. The bulk of the surface of the pickguard will be flush to the guitar surface. Thanks for any and all feedback. — Craig

face smasher says:

sorry but i almost forgot to ask you if you know about what is a "stencil machine" that makes forms on metal gage material such as washers of all sizes with different size of dices? i know someone who showed me one – and he promised me that he will exchange it for an old atlas metal cutting bandsaw i got on craiglist – and ultimately, according to what he said, he scraped it on a recycling facility for fast cash – stupid joker i know. but, how i could get one of those machines and what is its real name?

face smasher says:

that is an interesting collection of machinery in display. im an early retired all trades mechanic – welder, body men, industrial mech, auto tech & filmmaker. now that i have all the time of the world to finally work on my own proyects at home, when friends & relatives are not looking for my services, lol – im planning to get some of these interesting machines for my intended projects that i have neglected over time. i remember when i used to work somehow with it, in school first and then in the industry. im barelly starting my collection as well. interesting set of toys to play vigorously with it. thanks for your time and this interesting video

Alamaru says:

very helpful, thanks.

John Millspaugh says:

Excellent presentation – thanks!

Heineken says:

i need to cut sheet metal about 5mm thick will metal shears be enough ?

John Smith says:

I would like to cut up my old broken microwave to try to make a cabinet out of it. What kind of shears do I need? The lower the price, the better.

SmokeyTheTear says:

I need a 5inch shear where could I get one?

foofad says:

Do you have any recommendations for 16 gauge mild steel? I gave some really big tin snips a shot… and mangled them.

BAdrummer1988 says:

What thickness of metal would I need when hammering to create a design, in order to prevent it from breaking?

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