Top 10 Best Plumbing Tool Accessories for Plumbers

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Watch 10 useful plumbing tools ,accessories for plumbers, these are plumbing hole saw,crimping tools, plumber’s knife, toilet tools, plumbing valves and fittings tools.
Top 10 Best Plumbing Tool Accessories for Plumbers
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Plumbing Tool and Machines

KINCROME Ratcheting Pipe Cutter – (USA), (UK), (INDIA),

SharkBite CPVC Supply Stop Valve – (USA), (UK), (INDIA),

kORKY WaxFREE Toilet Seal – (USA), (UK), (INDIA),

IWISS Copper tube pressing fitting Crimping tool with 1_2-,3_4- and 1- crimping jaws
IWISS Crimping Tool – (USA), (USA), (UK), (INDIA),

Superior Tool Plumber’s Knife – (USA), (UK), (INDIA),

SPIN Tools Swaging Spin – (USA), (UK), (INDIA),

Extech Borescope Wireless Inspection Camera – (USA), (UK), (INDIA),

Nerrad Tools Jet Swet flow prevention tool – (USA), (UK),

The Best Adjustable Plumbing Hole Saw! Drywall Plumbing Installations
Wolfcraft Adjustable Plumbing Hole Saw – (USA), (UK), (INDIA),

Uniweld Cool Blue Heat Sink Paste – (USA), (UK), (INDIA),

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Neftali Rodriguez says:

Where do we find that table at the end with the spinning vices.. that caught my attention.. the crimper is nice but I could use that table..

Finis Martin says:

F**k shark bites

يوسف للتشطيبات و الديكورات الحديثة says:

روعه تسلم ايدك يوسف للتشطيبات والديكورات الحديثة

عبدالله محزوم says:

Yes okay very very good thanks

jimsyhammond says:

That last tool. The copper press tool. Not very practical. Plumbing pipes are usually located in hard to reach/confined spaces. So this would not be able to do the job

sean bennett says:

Don't cool the pipe down with a rag solder won't bond right!

Rod Wilkins says:

It seems almost impossible to find a video / advert without some form of distracting background noise now days, it sucks

Farooq Khan says:


susheel kumar says:


BlueBeast Gamer says:

Can anyone or someone please give me a link or website for the 1st tool fireproof soldering mat???
There is No links below.
Thank you

Игорь Перов says:

Хороший инструмент всегда «греет» душу)))

Youtubeaholic2 says:

This video is crap.

Dave says:

u don't leave your toilet valve open till after you turn on the main leaking like a sive when you get back ha

rigamortice says:

must be the USA as this nonsense is not allowed in the UK

rigamortice says:

no self respecting plumber would use plastic pipes for mice to gnaw through

rigamortice says:

under legionella rules, flexable hoses are now illegal

Diana Watson says:

Thank you so much for letting me express my feelings about your post. You write every blog post so well. Keep the hard work going and good luck. Hope to see such a beneficial post ahead too.

Denny joseph says:

I’ve been surfing the YouTube for more than an hour today, yet I was unable to find any stunning video like this one. It’s alluringly worth it for me. Keep posting more such amazing videos.

MZ says:

De baños no hay nada hay como dos tubito fue que vi de hierro

00NUKE00 says:

This is supposed to be the best tools. The only decent ones in the list were the first 2. For the last one haven't they seen a press fit gun? Milwaukeemake a decent one granted it costs about £2000 gbp.

The Bob Loblaw Show ! says:

that stuff was awesome. The last one, I don’t know. Just because of the space you need to operate it.

Ismael Espinosa says:

Uy lo último está chingon

Maria Bell says:

Thanks for sharing such great information. It is really helpful to me. I always search to watch the quality content and finally I found your vidoe. Keep it up, keep posting!

Juliee Anderson says:

I really love the content you posted, it is always super helpful and informative. Keep posting such an amazing videos, I love watching all your videos.

said momeni says:

The number 1 is not bad but not for professional man. Is very heavy and difficult to use. Specially on the inside of the corner.. and in the ceiling. Is better other types of pressmachine without arms.


Nothing new about ratcheting pipe cutters.

John Armstrong says:

That is the most ridiculous hole saw contraption imaginable. I winced watching the guy turn that allen screw so close to the sharp part.

Kachhadiya Kishor says:

nice tooling

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