Top 10 Hand Tools @Harbor Freight Tools (2021)

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Top 10 Hand Tools @Harbor Freight Tools (2021)

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Daniel Smith says:

Digital calipers are less that useless.

Daniel Smith says:

I have the doyle needle nose pliers, love them and use them almost exclusively for daily proffesional use.

The boogyman says:

Maddox ball joint tool kit works great

Carl Thornton says:

Very Good!… 329🐄🦉🏴‍☠✝

Honda Fanatic87 says:

Torque wrench wasn’t working on my spark plug. Couldn’t hear click

midnightelectric1 says:

For all you professionals the Icon line is the absolute bomb.

crabbee88 says:

For tap and dies I look at what can cut hardened steel

Poon Bandit says:

Harbor freight stuff is decent for the most part. I have all tool brands at the shop with a few harbor freight tools (stethoscope, impact screwdriver come to mind) but at home I have a ton of harbor freight with a few tool truck tools. I get the same amount of work done with the harbor freight stuff generally. If I could only have one obviously I’m going with my high dollar set of tools, but if i was just wrenching in the garage on weekends I would be fine with harbor freight.

Fabrimaker says:

I've since ppurchased the gold ratchet – and then a second, so I can use one and put the other on display because it looks so good, but it also works incredibly well too

xLostmanx says:

What’s the idea of the bear ?

Erick Herrera says:

The digital torque and impact driver sockets got me.. thx! 👍👍

Paul Helton says:

Buddy I just stumbled into your channel and I love it. I love Harbor Freight and anything tool related. My wife loves the talking bear so much that she'll sit and watch it with me. Good stuff. I am subscribed

Wolfbeef123 says:

I do not recommend the t-handle hex set or their tap and die sets.
The hex keys cannot handle any torque whatsoever and will become twisted. The taps were useless and couldn’t even start a thread in aluminum/plastic.

John Knope says:

I have the multi head hammer. The threads wear out after a while and the head won't stay on. Probably could be fixed with blue loctite. It's a good tool if you only use it once in a while.

Michael M says:

Cracks me up how Harbor Freight puts all these different American names on their Chinese made tools to make them seem like they are some traditional American brand.

Apex Voice says:

Hey Den, ever considered using an iPhone pro / iPad pro for tracking ? Those LiDar scanners are some serious Beans.

Jimmie Vetor says:

Good video. Question, how do you rate the 60 piece tap and die set SAE and Metric in the case? Keep up the good work.

MrFelixthegreatone says:

Awesome bro. Thanks for sharing

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